Saturday, November 11

Takom adds more Tiger with a "Big Box" combo & 16th scale Otto Carius

Takom really are making the most out their anniversary Tiger I kits. Not only the three 35th scale single releases we have already looked at in CAD, but now a combination of three kits & a figure of Otto Carius in 16th scale in the one box! We look at the promised contents & the Carius figure in our preview...

Takom adds more Tiger with a "Big Box" combo & 16th scale Otto Carius

More news on these Tigers today with some surprising limited edition kits to celebrate Takom's10th anniversary. Not only do we have the boxart for all three kits filling in some gaps, but news on a 16th scale Otto Carius figure, and a "Big Box" with all three figures and a 16th scale figure included. We look at them and try to fill some gaps now.

Otto Carius
From Takom
Kit No: 1020
1/16th scale
The kit is a single figure of Otto Carius in 16th scale
Plastic injection moulded kit
Designed by Jason Wong of Jason Studios, this single figure in 1/16th scale of Otto Carius is moulded in plastic for ease of assembly and features the tiger ace in his tanker's uniform, overseas flat forage cap and leather gloves. All we need now is a 16th scale Tiger I from Takom to put him in!

Tiger I "Big Box"
Ausf.E Mid Production + Late + 16th scale Otto Carius figure.
From Takom
Kit No: 2200W
1/35th & 16th scale scales
Three Tiger I kits in the one box.
The kit comes with a figure of Otto Carius in 16th scale (& 35th scale also)
Stowage included
Link & length tracks with a jig included for assembly
Photo-etch included
Metal barrel option included.
Twisted cable provided for towing cable
This will be a massive box of Tiger from Takom. Inside you will find all three Tiger I's in 1/35th scale, both the (2) mid-productions (one with a 35th scale Otto Carius) and the other a late production kit.
These four kits in total will be bundled up together in a limited edition kit number 2200W. We are not sure about just when these will go on sale, but given the usual Takom timeline, two months total from the release of the box are. We are hoping for late December, but no promises!

That is all we know about this release for now. You can see more about Takom's kits on their website or on their Facebook page.