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Updated Preview: colours, interior detail, etch & decals add to MiniArt's 1/35th scale US Army K-51 Radio Truck With K-52 Trailer - Interior Kit...

MiniArt's new US Army K-51 Radio Truck With K-52 Trailer has been revealed in even more detail, with new decals, coloured profiles, internal detail, plastic & photo-etch to add to our preview update.... 

Updated Preview: colours, interior detail, etch & decals add to MiniArt's 1/35th scale US Army K-51 Radio Truck With K-52 Trailer - Interior Kit...

US Army K-51 Radio Truck With K-52 Trailer - Interior Kit
From MiniArt Models
1/35th scale
Kit No #35418
Decals for five options in the box
Photo-etch included
The Subject: Chevrolet's 1.5t 4x4 Panel Truck (G7105)
The "Chevy panel van", as it was called by the soldiers that used them, the G7105, K51 body was the panel van version, with a completely enclosed cabin and two aft doors.
A view of the wartime version with trailer
The G7105 was very close to the Dodge WC panel "carryall" truck (G505 series), but carried more and had dual rear wheels. It was often used by the Signal Corps as a radio truck, redesignated K-51. Same engine and transmission as the rest of the series.

A restored version of the truck in Army colours
The simple but beautiful interior (for a truck of this vintage)
1942 K-51 panel van housing mobile radio set SCR-299
The radio truck with K52 trailer in tow in the field.
The truck in operation without the trailer.

A diagram of the truck and trailer combination.

Images of the K-52 trailer with the massive power unit used to crank all of the voltage to the truck's equipment.

The kit from MiniArt:
This new kit is based on the already very popular G506 & G7105 kits, this has the panel body on the rear that can be used as a radio truck when combined with the K52 trailer unit which housed the power unit and gas cans.

We see a CAD version from MiniArt showing the kit's lines and features...
The truck and trailer are indeed a lot to take in. The choice of plastic or the photo-etched grille, the choice of a cover over the trailer or not is also present in these CAD photos.
You can see below the uncovered trailer with high wooden sides.
You can see here a little better the expanded sides of the truck's rear bay.
The reverse angle showing the trailer and that massive generator in the back.
Either together or separate, you could have the truck in operation without the trailer with another power source.
The rear of the van showing either opened or closed doors...
The hood and the rear cargo doors opened up
K-52 trailer with power unit pe-95 are included
A view from above, showing the Radio set scr-299, seating & crew controls.
The parts of the kit include not only the truck and the trailer, but all of the radio and signal gear from the back also. Really this will be a BIG kit when it comes out and a very full box...
Photo-etched parts are included to replicate the thinner parts of the kit, or as an alternative to the plastic bumper which is a great option that MiniArt has provided after listening to builders who want either option.

The colours & decal options for this kit:
A decal sheet for 5 options will be included in this kit. This includes not only the decals for the five trucks, but also the trailers. The decals for the dials and gauges are included also.
On the colour illustration you can see the interior detail of the trucks contents and the PE-95 generator/ power unit.
The five schemes range from 1943 and Operation Torch, with this strongly branded truck and trailer from the 1st Armoured Division, 829th signals, North Africa, Spring, 1943.
A photo of the real thing below...
A truck from the ETO, seen in Italy Autumn 1944, used by the 102nd infantry division.

A camouflaged version from the British Forces radio station, 8th army sector, October, 1944. Note the roundel on the bonnet...
The Polish operated vehicle from the Corps Signals unit, 2nd Polish, in Italy in 1944/45.
 All the way to the Pacific theatre, with this US Marine Corps, 4th Marine Division truck in 1944/45

You can see more about this kit on the MiniArt Website...

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