Wednesday, December 6

"Black Aces" & "Wolfpack" markings with Great Wall Hobby's new 48th scale F-14A kit...

Great Wall hobby have an earlier sibling to match their "Bombcat" - kit of recent times - with the F-14A early variant with three marking choices in 1/48th scale. We look at the sprue, decal layout & new features of this particular kit in our preview...

Black Aces & Wolfpack markings for Great Wall Hobby's 48th scale F-14A kit...

US Navy F-14A Tomcat
From Great Wall Hobby
Kit No #L4832
1/48th scale
Three marking choices included
Kit is made from plastic & photo-etch
Recently Great Wall Hobby released a much loved 1/48th scale kit no #L4828 F-14B "Bombcat" kit to the public. With some nice competition out there you have to be pretty good to compete.

The feature set of this kit includes:
- Detailed cockpit with a wide array of instruments and controls
- Optional open radome with AN/AWG-9 long-range radar
- Forward landing gear system offers options for parking or catapulting position
- Choice to open or close flaps and air brake
- Wings can be swept forward or backward
- Option to open or close the engine nozzle
- Structure designed for easy cutting and installation of detailed parts
 - Three photo-etch frets (one coloured) are included in this release.

Although we do not have photos of the sprues for this one, the sprue layout is very similar (with good reason) to the Bombcat release...
The makings for three incarnations of the F-14A Tomcat are included on the first decal sheet.
The non slip areas, data stencils, instrument panel decals, low-viz lighting, flares (empty and full), weapon markings and many other details are included on the second sheet.
The lines for each missile and the data stencils for the aircraft are included in this sheet.
The three marking choices on the sheet. One from VF-1 "Wolfpack" #100 kite, with the VF-41"Black Aces" #101. Both with pilot's callsigns & aircraft specific markings.
The last sheet has the rest of those markings, with intakes & national insignia. The striped tail hook decal, with the nose Wolfpack decals and the alternative VF-41"Black Aces" markings are included. Three choices in all...
No details on the exact timeframe and pilots yet, though  the supplementary decal sheet reveals on of their potential girlfriends!

This kit is due for a release we would think in the last week of October. More on this kit from Great Wall Hobby on its release