Wednesday, December 20

Preview: MiniArt's 2024 catalogue

MiniArt has come good on some promises from the 2023 list and added a few new interesting kits for next year in the preview of their 2024 catalogue. Some great kits in here, check them all out in our preview...

Preview: MiniArt's 2024 catalogue
Now MiniArt has released their latest list of new kits for the new year as well as showing you some of what’s already on sale. We have a fairly large version, so you can see the releases and the “New” items that are marked in it. An interesting and exciting bunch of known and new kits are in here…

Double click on any of these images and use your arrow keys to see them full screen size!
The brand new items are marked in bright red - there are also some kits to be announced as the year goes on so stay tuned even after this for more from MiniArt in 2024. The series of kits that MiniArt is going to focus on this year are laid out for you. Also a hint to check out their Twitter, FB and "insta" pages...
MiniArt are back with their 48th scale series of kits into the fore. Starting with their P-47 Thunderbolt kits. Released both an advanced and a basic kit to modellers - we see that this is turning into a bigger series which is fine with us!
Previewed on their fan page earlier this year, we see proof of the upcoming and introducing the Junkers F 13 Passenger aircraft in 48th scale.
A new series of accessories for military vehicles and aircraft will suit these new planes in 48th continues to interest modellers. Maybe some vehicles may come in the future to suit them?
We are seeing MiniArt downscale with all the detail into 1/72nd scale kits this year. Starting of with their StuG's. Following roughly the release of the 35th scale kits, this has got to please the smaller scale and diorama lovers who want detail in their kits also...
Smaller scale buildings are still in the catalogue, but nothing new this year coming...
To add to their very successful WWI kits of the last two years, MiniArt the British B-Type armoured lorry were popular and actually being built by modellers…
MiniArt are yet to complete their releases of StuG's from this year, they finish this series with the late gun mantlet tanks & a whole family of vehicles after their Pz.IV's of last year set the high bar. 
Something new in the form of the Opel Blitz (sorry 3t cargo truck) which will turn some heads and has endless possibilities in types, colour schemes and variants.
Something else new, the M3 Stuart in interior and without - no doubt the commonwealth "Honeys" will also be part of the range.
Some new figures are on the way this year - these are on the improve. and the new kits are great to populate dioramas. We think there will be more figures released as this is only the preview catalogue.
Including a new set of crew for your M3 Stuart!
Weapons, shells and equipment are included to populate your scenes.
The Miniatures series is either civilian or at a pinch to be used with your wartime dioramas.
More new beautiful civilian figure sets enhance the history of the last century that you strive to create in your modelling scenes.
The Military Miniatures series of kits feature on post-WWII vehicles in the "modern" warfare scenes and scenarios. The BTR-4E Early type (its coming guys!) is going to be a very popular kit we think!!
Figures and accessories top out the modern military series to give some context to what you are making.
What if? - more like what the... - a great range from MiniArt with a lot of crossover potential, We are looking at this line and hoping for more from them than we see here maybe in the future.
More accessories than buildings of recent times - These  accessories are becoming a mainstay of many dioramas and tools for modellers to choose for the right scene...
MiniArt has always been about "everything you need for a scene in the one box" - To add to the  Panzer IV set we now have a combined Zis truck, roadway section and Su-85 with crew and telegraph pole.
MiniArt's very popular upscaling of their tractors into 1/24th scale.
The larger-scale historical miniatures can still be made into something quite special.
We loved their 35th scale early helicopter series, we hope more can come this year?
A quick reference chart here for the existing and new items which are marked in there.
Here are the links for your own copy: MiniArt Models Catalog 2024

Check out the Miniart site for more info on all of their kits...