Wednesday, December 27

Preview: A new P-51D sheet in three scales & reprinted Corsairs from EagleCals...

A new P-51D sheet from EagleCals with four schemes of interesting mustangs are on the new list for modellers. We look at them (& some reprinted Corsair favourites) in our preview.

Preview: A new P-51D sheet in three scales & reprinted Corsairs from EagleCals...

EagleCals #189 P-51Ds in Europe
From EagleCals
Two sheets inside with four aircraft covered.
Available in 72nd, 48th and 32nd scales
1/72nd scale - Price: $17 Product Link
1/48th scale - Price: $21 Product Link
1/32nd scale - Price: $25 Product Link

EagleCals #189 P-51Ds In Europe is the title of EagleCals newest sheet of decals, 1/72nd, 1/48th & 1/32nd, all featuring the Mustang over Europe during World War Two.

There are some famous pilots attached to these four aircraft. The choices are:

P-51D-5-NA "LC-X" - S/N 44-13692 “Sandy” -20th FG.  Pilot: Unknown, (after October 1944 Capt. Cartheledge Huey, Jr.)
We don't have a photo of this SN 44 13692 P-51D as she is shown in the decal version. We do have the latter incarnation, marked with the group's distinct chevrons on the nose, and the names Maggie" on the port, with "Sandy" on the starboard side nose. 

 P-51D-10-NA 12-W - “Scat #5” S/N 44-14426 - 479th FG Pilot: Lt. Robin Olds
Flown by the famous Robin Olds from at that time, the 434th Fighter Squadron. P-51D 44-14426 L2-W “Scat #5” is a well known but little covered aircraft. 

The crew chief on L2-W was S/Sgt. Glen A Wold, seen standing by the wing on the bottom photo...
This kite was assigned to 434FS, 479FG, 8AF USAAF as the personal aircraft of Major Robin Olds, it was latter transferred to 375FS, 361FG, 8AF USAAF. 

P-51D-25-NA "WR-A"S/N 44-73144 “Man O’ War” - 355th FG Pilot: Col. Claiborne Kinnard Jr.
P-51 Mustang "WR-A", serial number 44-73144) nicknamed "Man O' War" flown by Lieutenant-Colonel Claiborn H. "Zoot" Kinnard Jr,

P-51D-10-NA "YF-T" - S/N 44-14230 “Trigger III” - 355th FG Pilot: Capt. Walter Cresham Jr.
This North American P-51D-10-NA Mustang S/N 44-14230 from the USAAF's 358th FS/355th FG was ID'ed as "YF-T". During World War II the Pilot: Capt. Walter Cresham Jr. flew 111 combat sorties and rose from Second Lieutenant to Major before he turned 24. 
After WWII, he remained in the service as a career officer and held many commands around the world. Walt Gresham Gresham flew over 4,000 flying hours in an assortment of aircraft from P-47 Thunderbolts & P-51 Mustangs, to a variety of supersonic fighters and B-52 bombers.

EagleCals popular F4U-1 Corsairs (EC161) in 48th & 32nd scale have been reprinted, and are now back on sale at the links below...

You can get both of these decals from the Eagle Editions Website...