Saturday, December 16

Revell's new tool speeder bike in 12th scale

We suppose this is made to fit in to Bandai's range of 1/12th scale figures, the new tooled speeder bike, scout trooper & Grogu from Revell is due early next year. We look a the plastic & completed test kit in our preview...

Revell's new tool speeder bike in 12th scale

Speeder Bike
Product number: 06786
1/12th scale
New tool kit
Number of parts:102
Length:262mm / Width:83mm / Height:169mm
Expected to be available from 03/2024
Price: 64,99 € *
The 74-Z speeder bike 
The 74-Z speeder bike was one of the longest produced speeder bike models built by the Aratech Repulsor Company. A militarized variant of Aratech's popular 74-Y speeder bike, the 74-Z was first fielded by the Grand Army of the Republic during the Clone Wars. known for its speed and maneuverability. 

The kit:
Revell are stating that this is a new tooled kit. Not the previous Bandai speeder bike with additional parts. You can see the base is different as well as the arm and leg joints. You can see that the scout trooper is moulded in a single pose of riding the bike and not posable like the Bandai kit. Some may like this as it doesn't expose the articulated joints. Even so from the photos below, you will still need to fill them.

The sprues, moulded in light grey, white, black and clear plastic.
The kit has a total of 102 parts, with a length of 262 mm, a width of 83 mm and a height of 169 mm, making it fit in with your other kits from star Wars universe in the same scale.
The kit comes with a stand to mount it on, with clear supports to show the bike at full speed if you wish.
You can see the pose of the upper body of the trooper shows how Revell have tooled the figure in that one riding position. There are positives and negatives to this, with no unnecessary joints to hide or fill, but the single pose is limiting...
Decals are provided in this kit for the dials, lights and switches of the bike...
The addition that many people may like is the child - Grogu in a carry bag over the scout trooper's shoulder, just before they meet the IG Assassin droid :-)

All of these new kits are available now from the Revell Website...