Tuesday, December 12

"Scale It!" A new magazine from Plastic Invasion in the highest quality & at a discount for a short time...

Scale it!  - the new magazine from Plastic Invasion follows in the footsteps of their recent released book "Scale Modeling WW2: German Camouflage Uniforms". Not just in style, but in quality content. They are also releasing two separate figures to coincide this release. See more about them all in our preview... 

"Scale It!" A new magazine from Plastic Invasion in the highest quality & at a discount for a short time...

Scale it! magazine #01
Published by Plastic Invasion
Authors: Pavel Beránek & Jaume Ortiz Forns
78 Pages
Paperback, A4 portrait format
Colour photos
Language: English, German & Czech languages.
Price: €17.90 (pre-order price valid until December 20th 2023)
Due for release in February 2024
Publishers Plastic Invasion - the team that brought us the excellent title "Scale Modeling WW2: German Camouflage Uniforms" earlier this year have a new tittle coming our way. This time, a magazine, the first in the series of concept that loosely follows the design and the feeling of their book. 
This new magazine series is called "Scale It!"

In this series, each issue we will focus on a single subject which the authors will cover in detail in photographs, historical text and of course in a detailed scale modeling tutorials. 
In collaboration with the popular YouTube channel Paralight Worx, plastic Invasion's issue #1 is focused on historical reenactment and scale modeling. One single moment, one historical event, and the human story behind it. In this issue we follow the main character of the series "Dusty Faces" Otto Degen, to Poland in the summer of 1944. In the magazine we see him and his fellow soldiers conducting anti-partisan operations in a recreation. The stories here link to modellers in the gear, poses and themes that modellers can relate to.

The gear the soldiers are wearing is also highlighted. A great inclusion for modellers & figure painters alike.
The subject of the first magazine issue will be on the German WWII  field grey wool uniform, with the focus on the "how to wool effect".
 Co-creator with Pavel Beránek - Mr.  Jaume Ortiz Forns, has created fantastic tutorials for painting the field uniform on both the 1/35 figures and 1/12 busts as a learning example.
For this special occasion, Plastic Invasion has also released a 1/35 figure and 1/12 bust of Otto Degen (both in two versions). This is a separate purchase, you will be can see these on the miniatures page on their website...
Below are photos of these figures painted by the co-creator of this magazine - Mr Jaume Ortiz Forns. These are shown in the magazine also...
Both the bust and figure are shown, constructed & fully painted... The figures will be available ate the same time as the magazine release.
This magazine is due for release in February 2024 - you can pre-order it from the Plastic Invasion Website for a special Pre-order price of €17.90 (until December 20th) from the Product Link on the Plastic Invasion website