Monday, January 1

Border model's flying start to 2024 - He-111 H-6, Spitfire Mk.Vb & A6M2 Zero in 35th scale

Border Model have hit 2024 running with three new kits confirmed for this year. The Spitfire Mk.Vb & A6m2 Zero in 35th scale we had seen already, but one we did NOT know about was the new Heinkel He-111 H-6 in 35th scale. We look at the CADs just released in our preview...

Border model's flying start to 2024 - He-111 H-6, Spitfire Mk.Vb & A6M2 Zero in 35th scale.

Heinkel He-111 H-6
From Border Model
Kit No# BF-008
1/35th scale
Photo-etch parts included.
Price: TBA
Expected: TBA
The Heinkel He-11 H-6 was only been kitted in a larger scale with the release about a decade ago of the Revell kit in 1/32nd scale. Today we received CAD shots of the H-6 variant in 1/35th scale from Broder Model. They are certainly on a mission! We will look at the CADs to see what we can see about this now...
The Junkers Jumo 211D-1 12 cylinder inverted vee , liquid cooled engine is seen in its full form with two complete engines in this kit. The radiator is seen here clearly from the top.
The side view showing the cowling off and on the engine for maintenance sessions...
...or just to show off!
The fuselage sides look like they have the same stressed skin appearance and layered panels as their other 1/35th scale aircraft kits.
More stressed skin of the fuselage in this view...
The upwards canted wings are seen to good effect here in this picture...
The underslung gondola ("Sterberbett" or Death bed) with the rearward facing MG15 & Forward facing 20mm Oerlikon MG FF cannon (for anti Shipping operations).
The full interior is included in this kit as you may notice from this cut-away. From the port, the side and upper gunner's positions are seen inside the kite.
From the starboard you can see the same section, along with the vertically mounted ESAC bomb bay containers and the door for the gangway between them.

A full cockpit for the pilot and gunner/navigator is included as well as the front firing MG15, with the the bomb sight next to it. What a tight squeeze this aircraft is!
The glazed nose curvature is seen to good effect in this photo. You will notice all of the positive rivets in thee photos - the times have really changed in modelling haven't they?
One of the best views of this aircraft is from the side and looking at the engine and nose. You can see the two 500kg bombs underslung under the aircraft...
The open canopy and the photo etch to replicate the thinner pats of the aircraft like canopy framing and the gunsights, chain etc.
The same side showing the bulbous nose on the front Ikaria ball and socket MG mount sitting proud of the front plexi-glass.
An alternative 20mm MG FF with L-FF/6 sight mounted atop the gun in the nose is included for the latter variant
The rearward facing MG15 station is seen here. first prize to the company that makes a gunner for it! 
Another view of how the gun can pivot...
A little known feature is the stinger in the tail with a fixed MG15 rearward firing for shaking an enemy from the tail. This proved to be fairly ineffective but no doubt improved morale...
The horizontal & vertical tail surfaces can be posed on this kit. Notice the surface texture on the rudder?
Another photo of the detail in that tail...
You will notice from this image of the landing gear and wheels the time taken in recreation. The flattened wheels shown also...
...The tailwheel is also shown as weighted also.
Lastly, the wings. The flying surfaces are seen to be posable here also.
The broad and thick wing shape is captured pretty well in this image.
Those strong surface details with stressed skin & positive rivets on the wing.

Ohh and there's more...
The two other kits we knew about but had only seen low res releases were of the Spitfire Mk.Vb & A6m2 Zero in 35th scale. Both of these are only seen in box art from right now...

Supermarine Spitfire Mk.Vb
From Border Model
Kit No. BF-004
1/35th scale
Full interior with engine kit
Metal gun barrels
Masks provided for canopy & stencils

A6M2 Zero
From Border Model
Kit No. BF-006
1/35th scale
Full interior with engine kit
Stressed skin details
3 marking choices
We know nothing about the price, date or other details just yet. But more will come in the next few weeks we are sure!

This kit is not on their website yet, but Hobbylink Japan always get their kits. Check out the Border Models website for more information...