Tuesday, January 9

Preview: Hasegawa's March 2024 releases...

Hasegawa put out a LOT of models, but seldom are they new releases. We have only a few truly new releases in March 2024, but we did pick out the most interesting & limited kits for you to look at. See them in our preview...

Preview: Hasegawa's March 2024 releases...

Tadano Rough Terrain Crane GR-130NL / N Crevo Mini G4
by Hasegawa
1/35th scale
Completely new mold
- The rough terrain crane is a general term for crane vehicles that can be driven and operated from a single operator's seat.
- An impressive crane truck with a maximum height of 75 cm 
- The body is compact and has excellent maneuverability, making it suitable for working in narrow spaces.
- The kit is reproduced with a completely new mold based on thorough research on Tadano's rough terrain crane.
- With 5 parts colors, you can create an image close to the actual vehicle even when unpainted.
- The upper part of the vehicle rotates.
- The boom moves up and down and can be extended and retracted with 6 slides.
- Comes with thread for wire.
- The outriggers (X type) that stabilize the vehicle body can be recreated with interchangeable parts, both in the extended state and in the state stored in the vehicle body.
- Tires can be rotated by polycaps.
- Front and rear wheel steering is movable.
- A male operator figure (prototype production: Satoshi Tsujimura) is included.
- Package illustrations will be done by Tankuro Kato.

Parts break down:
- Blue, white, black, gray, clear
- Tires are made of rubber
- Metal screw for boom movable axis

YPF Lancia Super Delta 1992 Acropolis Rally
by Hasegawa
1/24th scale
This kit replicates the Super Delta that privately participated in the 1992 Acropolis Rally
The kit's body parts main color is white. Decals are provided for one version.
Decal /marking:
- 1992 Acropolis Rally 6th place Car No.11, - Driver: Jorge Recalde

OH-6D Shark Teeth
1/48th scale 
by Hasegawa
Model length: 157mm
This re-issued OH-6D represents the aircraft of the 9th Squadron with outstanding shark teeth and eyeball markings.
Resin parts included: lights, FLIR, Antenna etc.
Decals included are:
- Ground Self-Defense Force 9th Division 9th Squadron Affiliated Machine [JG-1303] (Hachinohe Garrison: September 2011

YF-19 w/Fast Pack & Fold Booster
by Hasegawa
1/72nd scale
Model total length: 262mm
- From the OVA Macross Plus universe, the equipment used when YF-19 folds from Planet Eden to Earth's satellite orbit as a single aircraft is made into a kit.
- Fold booster is set with new plastic parts
- The mechanism is visible through the clear parts.
- Parts colors are ivory, green, gray, clear, blue gray (stand).
- Includes Macross stand. (The legs can only be reproduced in the parked state) Mercy Rabbit is in charge of the package illustration.
Decal / marking
- Joint Space Force Isamu Dyson's aircraft

Noriyoshi Ohrai Beauties No.1
by Hasegawa
1/12th scale 
A 1/12th scale three-dimensional version of the beautiful woman depicted in the world of illustrations by Noriyoshi Isai.
- This is a resin kit.

Mr. Satoshi Tsujimura is in charge of prototype production.
*The illustration is an image. Base not included. :-)

A-1H Skyraider w/ Rocket Pods
by Hasegawa
1/72nd scale
Model length:167mm
 Reproduction of the aircraft belonging to the 152nd Attack Squadron [AH511].
- Includes a set of 4 rocket pods and 2 bombs as weapons mounted on the underside of the main wing.
Decal / markings 
- U.S. Navy USS Oriskany, 16th Carrier Air Wing, 152nd Attack Squadron ``Mavericks'' aircraft - AH511
- U.S. Navy USS Intrepid 10th Carrier Air Group 165th Attack Squadron ``Boomers'' CAG aircraft -AK200

Lamborghini Miura P400 1968 ACP GP
by Hasegawa
A kit of the Miura that participated in the 1968 ACP GP
- The upper and lower headlight fins incorporate photo-etched parts.
- Bonnet louvers can be detailed
- Photo-etched parts are also included.
Etched parts:
- Fins above and below headlights
- Bonnet louvers
Decal / markings
- 1968 1st ACP GP Car No.45
- Driver: Mario Cabral
- Portugal Granja do Marques Circuit: June 2, 1968

F/A-18E Super Hornet Blue Angels
by Hasegawa
1/72nd scale
Model total length: 255mm
Reproduction of the Blue Angels Super Hornet version in 72nd scale
- This is a limited edition kit that comes with a unit patch.
- Set of Block II specification parts.
- Aircraft parts color is blue.
- The emblem is an embroidered type with a height of approximately 9cm.
Decal / marking
- U.S. Navy aerobatic team `Blue Angels` aircraft

German Train Gun K5(E) Leopold Winter Camouflage w/ Figure
by Hasegawa
1/72nd scale
Model length: 444mm
The train-borne Leopold kit with the winter camouflage 
- Includes plastic artillery figure parts (24 pieces).
Decal / marking
- German Army Leopold (Leningrad: 1942-1943)

Toyota Corolla WRC 2003 Rally Monza
by Hasegawa
1/24th scale
Bib number #46, Valentino Rossi's machine!
- Reproduce the machine that participated in the 2003 Rally Monza held in Italy.
- Body parts color is white.
- For the undercarriage, tarmac specification parts are set.
Decal (marking)
- 2003 Rally Monza car (November 22-23, 2003) 7th place Car No.46 - Driver: Valentino Rossi

You can find out more about these kits from the Hasegawa Website