Friday, January 5

Preview: Potential predator & prey from Trumpeter in February...

Aircraft & anti-aircraft from either sides of the divide are the subjects of Trumpeter's two releases of February. We look at the info, art, colours & built-up test kits in our preview...

Preview: Potential predator and the prey from Trumpeter in February...

JJ-7A Trainer 02825
by Trumpeter
Model: #02825
1/48th scale
The JJ-7 is based on the J-7B fighter design, with the single-seat cockpit replaced by a tandem two-seat cockpit. The student pilot sits in the front seat and the trainer sits in the rear seat. The original single under-fuselage vertical stabilising fin of the J-7 is replaced by a two-fin design. 

The colour profiles included in this kit
The decals that come with this kit
This kit has masks for the transparent parts included
As a result of the additional seat, the internal fuel tank capacity of the JJ-7 is smaller than that of the J-7B. An additional fuel tank is added on the back of the fuselage between the cockpit canopy and vertical tail. The single rear-hinged cockpit canopy of the J-7 is replaced by two side-hinged (open to right) canopies.

Model Length: 311mm / Wingspan: 149mm  
Total of 10 sprues
The kit consists of  over 170 parts
- Fuselage & wing with finely engraved panel lines
- 3D printed pilot seat & main gears
-Photo-Etched parts included

The test kit built up...

NASAMS (Norwegian Advanced Surface-to-Air Missile System) 
by Trumpeter
Model: # 01096
1/35th scale
The KONGSBERG /Raytheon NASAMS Air Defence System features net centric architecture, multiple simultaneous engagements, Beyond Visual Range (BVR) capabilities, closely integrated and adapted to a country’s Integrated Air and Missile Defence (IAMD). The NASAMS network expands the defended area and enhances the total fighting capability of the armed forces.

The colour profiles included in this kit
The decal sheet included in the kit
NASAMS has since the introduction in Norway been on a path of continuous evolution. The current NASAMS customer base consists of twelve countries, Air Force and Army customers combined.

Model Length: 126mm   Width: 73mm  
Metal spring & metal tube included
Total of 7 sprues
The kit consists of over 160 parts
Photo-Etched parts included
Trumpeter's in house modellers test shot build....

These kits will soon be on sale through Trumpeter's distributors Worldwide...