Wednesday, January 31

Revell's releases for 2024 in their latest Catalogue

Revell has released their new items of 2024 in their catalogue online. Some new tooled kits in here to look at amongst the ones you already know. See them in our preview...

Revell's releases for 2024 in their latest Catalogue
There are lots of new kits from Revell's forthcoming ranges of aircraft, helicopters, cars, military, and ships for 2024. All types of models from beginners to kids to Technik type kits are in here. Too many for us to comment on, so I'll just let you sort through the images.

Some models are marked as new-tool (those are the ones we all look for - be honest) , some as "Technik" upgraded kits with lighting and extra details and some are marked "co-operation" and these are often other companies moulds sold under the Revell umbrella. We like the fact that you can buy these re-boxed kits from Revell as sometimes they are not available in your part of the world - and let's face it - Revell kits are in pretty much every toy shop all around the world!

Double click on any of these and for easy scrolling use your arrow keys left or right if you want to...

Check out these and the other kits from Revell on their Website!