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Preview: FLAK - German Anti-Aircraft Weapons from Canfora Publishing

Canfora Publishing's collaboration with Tom Laemlein brings us a visual examination of the Flak guns of the German armed forces during WWII. We look at some of the images & info in the book & how to get a discount for a short time in our preview...

Preview: FLAK - German Anti-Aircraft Weapons from Canfora Publishing

FLAK - German Anti-Aircraft Weapons
By Tom Laemlein
From Canfora Grafisk Form
200+ Photos
152 Pages
Ships from early march!
RRP: €27.25 Pre-order price, (20% off!) €25.50
The Feared Tools Of German Anti-aircraft Crews
This book is a detailed photo study of German anti-aircraft weapons. Presented here are the full range of German AA weapons in World War II, from machine guns up to the famous 88mm gun, and the heavy 128mm. The book provides interesting views of German flak positions and gun crews, along with the full scope of Flak vehicles in action from 1939 through 1945. It is a great reference for modellers, gamers, and students of military hardware.
By the late 1930s, the Germans had mated their effective 2 cm Flak 30 to the light Sd. Kfz. 10 halftrack, and the concept of the mobile and terrain going Anti-Aircraft was born. From the invasion of Poland in September 1939, the Wehrmacht had mobile AA defense travelling along with their panzers, infantry, and artillery.
FlaK weapons continued to grow and diversify - Gradually, the tactical situation changed — German troops had to combat growing attacks by ever-more heavily armed (and often armored) Allied ground attack aircraft. Single 20mm guns grew into quadruple mounts, and more 37mm guns appeared in both ground and mobile mounts. 
Even though Germany’s flak weapons often inflicted serious casualties on Allied bombers and fighter-bombers, they were never fully able to turn the attackers away, or prevent them from coming back.
We leveraged our extensive image files to bring you this collection of photos that show the scope of machine guns, auto-cannons, heavy cannons, and unique innovations of German anti-aircraft.
About the author
From his secret base in North America, buried deep beneath a mountain of historical photographs, Tom Laemlein has been redefining the concept of the military history "photo study" for the past 20 years. Leveraging his massive photo library, Tom has a knack for publishing images that expose the details of the weapons and battles of the 20th Century, much to the delight of a global audience of historians and modelers. This is his fifth book for Canfora Publishing.
FLAK - German Anti-Aircraft Weapons is released in May. You can currently get the book at 20% off retail at a pre-order price of €25.50.
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