Thursday, February 1

Preview: Special Hobby & CMK kits for February

Special Hobby & CMK Model's latest kits for February look like a good bunch, with plenty of detail & great colour choices. We have picked the most interesting to show you in our preview...

Preview: Special Hobby & CMK kits for February

Gloster Meteor TT Mk.20 
by Special Hobby
1/72nd Scale  100-SH72487
Price: $30 USD @Hobbylink Japan
The Meteor Mk.11 was the standard all-weather fighter throughout the 1950s. When the Javelin fighters came to replace the Meteors, new employment was needed for the still airworthy airframes. Eventually, the Meteors were converted to the TT.20 target tug variant
The Meteor TT.20 kit set covers four various scheme options, two of which carry British colours – a Royal Navy and a civilian RAF flight machines, plus two more serving overseas – one from Denmark and the final scheme represents a machine of a Swedish civilian company flying for the Swedish military. The winch conversion parts are 3D printed.

Aero A-11HS ‘Finnish Export Version’
by Special Hobby
1/72nd Scale  100-SH72464
Price: $27 USD @Hobbylink Japan
In 1925, Finland bought a dozen of Aero A.11 observation and light bomber biplanes. This meant one of the first export success of the Czechoslovak aviation industry. The Finnish version differed from Czech Aero A.11s by having the more powerful Hispano Suiza engine fitted.
The kit comes on three styrene sprues, two clear ones and a few 3D-printed parts for the HS power unit. The decals cover four machines with fuselage codes in various colours.

Heinkel He 59B 
by Special Hobby
1/72nd Scale SH72428
Price: $73.97 USD @Hobbylink Japan
This re-release of the Heinkel He 59B is suitable for more experienced modellers. It contains four grey styrene sprues, newly designed resin cast parts, 3D-printed parts and a fret of etches. The new clear plastic injected parts replace the original vacuum-formed items. The Heinkel He59 was a large, twin-engined biplane fitted with a pair of floats. Its development took place in secret as it was meant for the newly built German naval air force. Production began in late 1933 and the aircraft were deployed in Spain and on both the Western and Eastern fronts during WWII.
Our kit set corrects the oft-published mistake about the armament of the Legion Kondor He 59s. It was thought that these machines had the armament consisting of MG FF machine guns. The truth is that in their nose gunner stations had the very little-known Solothurn ST-11 canon and as it seems that it was also the sole combat deployment of this weapon, which although being rather effective, was also quite heavy. The ST-11 had been produced in very small number only and later it was developed into the Solothurn S-18 anti-tank rifle, which by coincidence is also offered by Special Hobby as a 1/35 scale kit.
The decal sheet brings markings for a Legion Kondor machine flying over Spain during the civil war and a machine in the colours of the German Luftwaffe in 1940. The ST-11 canon and the machine guns are 3D printed.

Latécoère 298
by Special Hobby
1/48th Scale 100-VT48001
Approximately 26.2cm long, 32.3cm wingspan when completed
Resin parts, vacuum canopy, decals for 2 versions
Price: $58.52 USD @Hobbylink Japan
The Latécoère 298 was a French torpedo bomber and anti-submarine floatplane. It also was one of the most efficient French aeroplanes, built in 1939 and introduced to service a year later. Late 298 aircraft fought in the 1940 Battle of France, served with the Vichy regime, captured airframes were even put to use with the German Luftwaffe and one of them was later captured back and used by the RAF.
 Following the Anglo-American landing operation, the French Lates again saw service against the common enemy. And finally, the last of the type flew well until the 1950s as trainers.
This kit set was originally released in our Azur edition, now we bring it back in a new range called the Vintage Treasure. Such labelled kits are meant for those more experienced of modellers. The kit consists of injected styrene parts, resin parts, vacuum-formed canopy and a decal sheet catering for one 1940 French airframe and a 1944 Luftwaffe captured machine.

Sd.Kfz 10 Zugkraftwagen 1t (Demag D7) 
by Special Hobby
1/72nd Scale 100-SA72021
Price: $21.53 USD @Hobbylink Japan
The smallest German WW2 half-track vehicle is here now in the form 1/72 scale tiny gem. The moulds were bought acquired from the MK72 firm and when the model had been first released, it got the Model of the Year award.
The Sd.Kfz 10 was a half-track multi-purpose troop carrier. The original version was also used to tow light artillery weapons such as the Nebelwerfer rocket launchers or anti-aircraft cannons. Later with more powerful towing mechanism also heavier anti-tank cannons of up to 75mm calibre could be towed or even the SiG 33 field howitzer. From our production, these weapons can be coupled with your Sd.Kfz 10 model: 3,7cm PaK 36 (SA72024) gun, 7,5cm PaK 40 (SA72025) gun or the 15cm Nebelwerfer 41 (SA72026) rocket launcher. 
The Sd.Kfz 10 vehicles were in service throughout the war beginning with the attack on Poland and until the German capitulation in May 1945. The decal sheet brings markings for two Panzergrau vehicles and two in camouflage colours.

- Detailed model kit of the Sd.Kfz10 type in 1/72 scale
- 4 decal options – Poland 1939, Yugoslavia 1942, the Soviet Union 1942, Czechoslovakia 1945
- also available for this kit are the wheel, track and figures resin sets. Do not forget to get also our cannon kits SA72024, SA72025 and SA72026 as these weapons were often towed by the half track vehicle.

Tempest/Typhoon Early type Wheels for Airfix kit 129-Q72413
 1/72 Scale 
Price: $7 USD @Hobbylink Japan
Nicely detailed resin wheels with weighted tyres. Designed for the Typhoon and early Tempest Mk.V kits.

Tempest Late Type Wheels / for Airfix kit
1/72nd scale 129-Q72414
Price: $7 USD @Hobbylink Japan
Nicely detailed resin wheels with weighted tyres. Designed for the late type Tempest Mk.V kits.

Tempest Mk.V Early Gun Barrels / for Airfix kit
1/72nd Scale 
Price: $4 USD @Hobbylink Japan
3D-printed cannon barrels of the early variety for the Tempest Mk.V series I. kits. With much better detail overall than of the Airfix kit parts.

Tempest Mk.V Gun Sight and Seat Correction Set / for Airfix kit
1/72nd  Scale
Price: $9 USD @Hobbylink Japan
One of the Airfix kit flaws is also the very narrow pilot’s seat of doubtful shape. Our 3D-printed correction set offers much better detail overall and the correct dimensions, too. Also contains a printed clear gun sight.

Tempest Mk.V Exhausts / for Airfix kit
1/72  Scale
Price: $5 USD @Hobbylink Japan
Top quality 3D-printed exhaust for Airfix’s Tempest Mk.V kit.

B-25B/C/D/G Mitchell Wings Air Intakes Correction Set / for Ac. Miniatures, Academy, Revell & Italeri kits
1/48th scale 129-P48009
Price: $8 USD @Hobbylink Japan
This correction set fixes one of the most visible flaws of the very well selling model kit. The wing air intakes of the real B-25 Mitchell are different in each of the wing and are of a quite distinctive shape. The model, on the other hand, has the intakes with rather poor shape. This also applies to the oil cooler air exits also offered in the set.

Type 92 Japanese Heavy Machine Gun 
1/35th scale 129-P35028 
Price: $19 USD @Hobbylink Japan
The Type 62 was a standard WW2 Japanese Army machine gun and now we bring it to you in the form of a 1/35 scale 3D-printed set. The Type 92 was developed from the Hotchkiss gun and the charecteristic sound it gave out when fired the US troops nicknamed it the Woodpecker. The gun had been first introduced to service in 1932 and so it was used as early as in the China war and various clashes with the Soviet Union. After WW2 ended, the gun was used by communists in the Korea War and also by various national liberation groups such as the Viet Cong. Our P35028 Type 92 Japanese Heavy Machine Gun offers the gun including the spare magazines, ammunition boxes and the characteristic tripod which can be assembled either in the firing or transport configuration.

SS-100 Gigant Front Radiator Mask for Tamiya kits
1/48th scale 129-P48010
Price: $11 USD @Hobbylink Japan
Highly detailed front radiator grille directly replacing the kit's styrene item, which lacks much of the detail and even the radiator itself. You will find it in this set though.

Hawker Hurricane Gun Sight Mk.II Type (2 pcs.) / for Revell and other kits 129-P32001
 1/32nd Scale
Price: $3.86 USD @Hobbylink Japan
Nicely detailed gun sight for the new Revell Hurricane kit set. Printed using clear material.

These new kits are available on Special Hobby's Website from Hobbylink Japan