Friday, March 15

1/35th scale RUS Infantry Support Weapon Set from Magic Factory on the way...

Magic Factory are making lots of modern military weapons for modellers. We have seen a lot of US weapons, now it is time for the Russian arms to make an appearance in moulded plastic. We look at the arms list our preview...

1/35th scale RUS Infantry Support Weapon Set from Magic Factory on the way...

RUS Infantry Support Weapon Set
From Magic Factory
1/35th scale
Plastic injection moulded Kit
Kit no. 2009
Magic Factory Facebook & Website
Magic Factory's new release of the Russian Infantry Weapon set in 1/35th scale is made from Plastic, not resin. The list of the weapons, with two of each on the sprues is below.

RPG-7 Rocket Launcher
RPG-18 Rocket Launcher
RPG-22 Rocket Launcher
RPG-26 Rocket Launcher
RPG28 Rocket Launcher
RPO-A Rocket-propelled Flamethrower
AGS-17 Grenade Launcher
KORD Heavy Machine Gun
9K338 Igla
Kit no. 2009, is produced in 1/35th scale, this "RUS Infantry Support Weapon Set, plastic model kit" has two of each of the weapons in grey plastic. Below are some examples of the kit weapons...
The kit is made of high quality plastic. Magic Factory has worked hard on making these as close to the real things as possible.

You can find out more about these and their other kits on the Magic Factory Facebook & Website