Sunday, March 17

New Zulu Decals & Pavehawk book from Cavu Publications...

A fairly new publication house, Cavu Publications are starting off the right way, with coverage of some of the most popular military choppers in book & decal form. We look at their two newest in our preview...

New Zulu Decals & Pavehawk Publication from Cavu...

HH-60G Pavehawk
By Mason Doupnik
From CAVU Publications
134 pages
Soft cover
Over 650 images
Price $50 USD
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HH-60G Pavehawk is a reference book for scale plastic modelers that will provide reference photos of HH-60Gs. Not only will there be detailed closeup pictures, but others showing the paint schemes and the wear and tear of everyday use, along with brief descriptions of the various configurations. 

Some images of the book's contents with detailed walk arounds ahoj!
The book is 134 pages and has almost 650 color images, over 500 of which have not been published before.

Zulus - Back in Black
From CAVU Publications
Product No: CP35-01 
Price$10 USD
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The decal sheet is sized to the 1/35th scale Academy AH-1Z, whic only had grey US markings in the box. Some of these will bring some nice colour to your kit we think!
There are options for eight different aircraft on the sheet, five Marine aircraft and options for a Pakistan Army, Royal Bahraini Air Force and Czech Air Force aircraft. With one exception, all of the aircraft on this sheet have black markings or stenciling.

There are still plenty of grey schemes though in this selection :-)

These decals &book, along with other new titles from Cavu Publications are now available from their website...