Sunday, March 10

Preview: BAE Systems Hawk from Duke Hawkins / HPH

The Duke Hawkins series of books from HPH features the famous trainer from the UK, the BAE Systems Hawk in its many incarnations in overall & minute detail in their new book. We look at it in our preview...

Preview: BAE Systems Hawk from Duke Hawkins / HPH

BAE Systems Hawk
Flying training & combat missions around the world
Published by: Duke Hawkins / HPH
Code: DH033
English language text
116 pages
Softcover - Dimensions: 26 inch X 26 inches
DH-033 is a 116 page book on the BAE Systems Hawk. This year marks the 50th anniversary of the first flight of the Hawk, so the perfect moment to bring a closer look at the elegant jet trainer. For this book, the authors visited RAF Valley in Wales, on the coast of the Irish Sea. While many of the photos in this book are of the Hawk T2, other versions are included too, like the T1A and many of the export versions of the type.
Every detail of the ageless jet is included, from the fuselage and the wings to the landing gear, air intakes and the vertical tail. 
As usual, a large chapter is included on the cockpit: every detail of the glass cockpit of the T2, the ejection seat out of the aircraft, and the analogue cockpit of the Hawk T1 is shown. A huge 20-page maintenance chapter shows the unseen details of the Hawk: the avionics bays, the engine, open spine and even a jet with the wings removed.
This book includes photos from Hawks from many countries. Next to the jets of the RAF, photos are included of aircraft from Canada, Finland, Australia, Saudi Arabia, Malaysia, India, Switzerland, South Africa, Oman, Qatar and even some privately owned Hawks.
There are 4 demonstration teams that operate the Hawk. Of course, there are the Red Arrows, but also the Finnish Midnight Hawks, the Royal Saudi Air Force Falcons and Team team Surya Kiran, which flies the long-nosed Hawk Mk.132. All are shown in this book.
This book will be available as of March 12 from your favourite model shop or book shop. Suggested retail price for the Hawk-book is 25,50 euro.
Those that follow the Duke Hawkins series might have noticed that we have skipped reference DH-034. A small delay at the printers is why this reference will be released by the end of March. DH-034 is a 140 page book on the Boeing AH-64 Apache. We'll report on that one when it arrives !

This book is available now on the HLJ website