Tuesday, April 23

Preview: 1/350th scale PLAN Type054B Frigate from Magic Factory sails into view...

Magic Factory continue their range of ships in cement-free construction from pre-coloured plastic. A shortcut to many, but surely not an inconvenience - we take a look at their 350th scale kit in our preview...

Preview: 1/350th scale PLAN Type054B Frigate from Magic Factory sails into view...

PLAN Type054B Frigate 
from Magic Factory
1/350th scale 
Cement free construction
Pre-coloured parts
The subject: China's PLAN Type054B Frigate
April 23, 1949, was the founding day of the Chinese PLAN (People's Liberation Army Navy) and today is the 75th anniversary of PLAN founding.
Type 054B Frigate is the newest frigate of PLAN and already launched and tested in 2023. It is a development of the Type 054A frigate, and is around 50% larger than its predecessor(Displacement around 6,000 tons). Pennant number 555 name Qinzhou(钦州) and now is still under sea trials.

The kit: 
This kit follows a similar layout and presentation as their 1/350 Type 055 Destroyer. IT is also a cement-free build with pre-colored parts which suits some modellers, while others will still paint their kits anyway.

The 1/350th scale PLAN Type 054B frigate shown here in CAD form. The colours you see on this kit will be (more or less) the same colours of the plastic in the kit when it arrives. For some, they really don't like this, but maybe it is a great way to get a younger or a time-poor modeller into this. 
There is a simple solution to those who don't like pre-coloured parts, just paint them!
The other part of the kit that is included by Magic Factory for ease of modelling and some time saving is the click together style parts that do not require cement for construction. Of course you can use glue if you like, but the kit is designed to go together without it if you like...

That is all we know about this kit for now - Check out the Magic Factory Website & Facebook Page