Wednesday, April 17

Preview: A new 16th scale Sherman from I love Kit in April...

I Love Kit's latest release is the 1/16th scale M4A1 Sherman. We look at the art, decals, marking choices & built test shots in our preview...

Preview: A new 16th scale Sherman from I love Kit in April...

M4A1 Medium Tank - Late
by I Love Kit
Model no #61667
1/16th scale
Price: $208 USD from Hobbylink Japan
The M4A1 Sherman is one of the five main production models of the famous M4 medium tank series. It had been put into production to increase the output of Sherman tanks: Its main characteristic is the casted upper hull, which opened the possibility for companies with the ability to cast large steel parts to join the US tank programme - for example locomotive manufacturers. The M4A1 was build in parallel to the standard M4 Sherman and shared most of its features, except the hull. It used the same 450hp Wright Cyclone radial engine, which was responsible for the relatively high silhouette of the M4 tank series. However, it was a very reliable and powerful engine that gives the M4A1 good mobility.  It first saw action with the British army during the second Battle of El Alamein in late 1942.

Markings included in this kit
Decals included in this kit
This 1/16-scale model kit from I Love Kit includes T54E1 tracks that are movable after assembly; photo-etched parts, decals, and metal wires are included. 

Model Length: Approximately 36.5cm long, 16.7cm wide when completed
-Metal wire included
-1400 plus parts
Total of 23 sprues, upper hull, lower hull & turret
-Photo-etched parts included

Here you see the test kit built up by the I love Kit staff

You can find out more about I Love Kit models on their Website