Thursday, May 30

Preview: ICM's 1/35th scale Humvee M1097A2

Just when you thought you didn't need a hummer, ICM has released images of their all new 35th scale Humvee M1097A2 kit. We look at the real thing & the CADs in our preview...

Preview: ICM's 1/35th scale Humvee M1097A2

Humvee M1097A2
From ICM
1/35th scale
Model #35435
ICM website
The subject - the Humvee M1097A2:
The M1097 and M1097A1 HMMWVs are higher payload capacity cargo/troop carrier configurations of the HMMWV family. The vehicles are equipped with basic armor and used to transport equipment, materials, and/or personnel, like the M998/M1038 series, except with a higher payload capacity. The M1097, M1097A1, M1097A2 and M1123 heavy variant cargo/troop carriers are used to transport equipment, materials, and/or personnel. The heavy variant troop carrier is capable of transporting a two-man crew and eight passengers. The heavy variant cargo carrier is capable of transporting a payload (including crew) of 4,400 pounds (1,998 kilograms).
The M1097, M1097A1, M1097A2 use a troop seat kit for troop transport operations, a 200 ampere umbilical power cable to power shelter equipment, and stowage racks for ammunition and equipment. To accommodate the higher payload capacity, the vehicles are equipped with a re-enforced frame, crossmembers, lifting shackles, heavy duty rear springs, shock absorbers, reinforced control arms, heavy duty tires and rims, and a transfer case and differential with modified gear ratio.
The M1097, M1097A1, and M1097A2 and M1123 are specifically designed to accommodate a higher payload capacity. The M1097A2 models have new bumpers, which make the vehicles slightly longer. A 9,000 lb winch is also available for the M1097A2 models as an option.

US Marine Corps (USMC) Marines toss boxes of Meals Ready to Eat (MREs) off of a M1097A2 High-Mobility Multipurpose Wheeled Vehicle (HMMWV) while involved in a Security and Stabilization Operation (SASO) in Ar Ramadi, Iraq, during Operation Iraqi Freedom
The vehicles can climb 60% slopes and traverse a side slope of up to 40% fully loaded. The vehicles can ford hard bottom water crossing up to 30 inches without a deep water fording kit and up to 60 inches with the kit. The M1097A1 is equipped with the self-recovery winch which can also be used to recover like systems and has the latest modifications applied to the vehicle.

The kit: ICM's 1/35th scale Humvee M1097A2
This new kit from ICM first emerged in their catalogue for 2024 release information. This kit is in final development phase with only CADs being released to the public so far...
This is for the base model cargo mover Hummer, and it bears an open rear tray which can be lowered if desired or closed up...
The cargo mover variant comes with just the driver & passenger compartment for crew in this version.
The full suspension and underside of the vehicle is represented in this kit also..

Due in next month, you can find out about ICM's other releases on the ICM plastic model kits website