Monday, May 13

Preview: Pla Editions new special - "Modelling the M551 Sheridan"

The subject is the M551 Sheridan - the who are some of he world's best modellers. See Abram's Squad's latest on these machines & how the best make such good models from them in this special. All in our preview...

Preview: Pla Editions new title - "Modelling the M551 Sheridan"

Modelling the M551 Sheridan
From Pla Editions
136 Pages
A4, portrait format, softcover
This cook comes in English language
Price: 30 eu.
The Abrams Squad team invite you to dive into the world of the iconic M551 Sheridan with this comprehensive guide - featuring a wealth of accurate information about the vehicle  alongside a series of build articles, covering both scale modeling and real-world references and history. 

This book offers invaluable insights and techniques for hobbyists of all levels. There is also reference sections of the tank through history for your study and maybe inspiration...

4.- M551 Sheridan Introduction - A chapter showing us the Sheridan through the early part of its history especially. 

8.- Building the Sheridan in 1/35 (Tamiya and Rye Field Models)

18.- Combat in Vietnam 1969-1971. Operations of the Sheridan in Vietnam are a large part of the focus in this section. Get used to that combination of verdant green and red dirt a you see many of these tanks in combat operation territory in South East Asia.
26.- "Love Bug" by John Murphy - John enters the fray with his very cool looking cover girl "Love Bug" from the Vietnam era in the cavalry divisions. The new-tooled Tamiya kit is the base here, with simple aftermarket and Bravo 6 soldiers to add. It looks very groovy!
46.- M551 Sheridan AR/AAV During REFORGER  - A great photographer, Walter Böhm  brings us more of the Sheridan through the REFORGER operations in Central nd Western Europe.

60.- "Masster REFORGER"  from Uwe Kern who returns to Abrams Squad publications with this very nice looking build. Matching the references we have seen, this REFORGER tank is again the Tamiya base, but the four tone camouflage and extras  Uwe has added make it stand out...
74.- "Sheridan in the Winter" by Pere Pla - It looks like we are graced by the editor in this book, with Pere's Reforger '79 Sheridan shown in the depths of a European winter in it's scheme. 
Very little aftermarket was needed for such a good looking effort in his tutorial here...
86.- Combat in Panama 1989-1990. More reference from the Sheridan's service in the Panama Canal conflict in the late 80's as we see more of these light tanks in another theatre not mush thought of nowadays...

90.- "Phillip's Ride" by Rick Lawler - To match the references from Panama, Tick brings us a Rye field model kit and a few extras but made up to his usual highest standards. Fully laden with stowage and extra gear, this one looks very good.
104.- Desert Shield / Desert Storm give us more reference of the latter years of this tank's service in real combat in Operation Desert storm...

108.- "Hump Day" by Stan Spooner - Capturing the scenery, units and geography of ODS - the great Stan Spooner's Sheridan hits a "hump" on it's way across the desert. Stan always makes great kits, so its heartening to see his work in this special...
124.- "The Biggest Tank in Haiti" by Zhendong Li who brings us a Sheridan from the operation "Uphold Democracy" in Haiti. This is again the Ryefield model version of the kit with his own extras, he makes a convincing and beaten up version here.
134.- M551 Last Years show the REFORGER exercises and the last years of service for the Sheridan in US operations. This book looks to give the modeller of this light tank a lot of inspiration, reference and guidance.
This new great edition is now available from the Pla Website...