Tuesday, June 4

Preview: 1/35th scale German WW2 8.8cm Flak Crew from Das Werk.

We always need more new crews of four figures and a few shells to suit our 88mm gun kits. Today we look at the new 1/35th scale German WW2 8.8cm Flak Crew from Das Werk in our preview...

Preview: 1/35th scale German WW2 8.8cm Flak Crew from Das Werk.

German WW2 8.8cm Flak Crew
From Das Werk
Kit No #DW35038
1/35th scale
Four figures and two shells are included
Product Link for this kit on the Das Werk Website
The Subject: the 88mm gun & it's crews.
The 8.8cm guns of the German forces of WWII were a real force on the battlefield, and feared by their opponents. These guns were used throughout the war in many applications: Anti aircraft, Anti tank, or even mounted on larger vehicles like the 8,8cm Flak auf 9t VOMAG & The 8.8 cm Flak auf Sonderfahrgestell Pz.Sfl.IVc prototype vehicles.
Known commonly as an “Eighty-Eight,” this iconic artillery was encountered on battlefields from Africa to the Eastern Front to the coast of Normandy in both fixed defensive positions or in support of mobile ground forces.
An 8,8 cm Flak 18 anti-aircraft gun in a firing position with crew in action
The majority of the 8.8 cm Flak guns built would be used in static defence without the cross-shaped platform. These would mostly be destroyed by their crews to prevent their capture when the Allies made their advances into Germany. 

The kit: This latest Das Werk kit is a set of four plastic figures for German anti-aircraft guns of the Second World War. Coming with two 8.8cm shell, these soldiers look to fit any 88mm gun with not just the static position and towed guns, but also Das Werk's recent release of the 8,8cm Flak auf 9t VOMAG (DW35024) as well as other guns.
The production of this four figure set and shells are made by ICM plastic model kits.

Das Werk aim to have this in hobby shops around the end of 2024. Details will follow as soon as they are available. For more information on this kit check out their site at this link on the Das Werk Website This kit is not on the webstore yet, but it will no-doubt come up for sale first on the MBK webstore...