Wednesday, June 26

Preview: Milling machines from MiniArt in 35th scale

MiniArt powers our dioramas with new plastic kits that were previously only the space of resin & obscure kit makers. These two milling machines in one kit are their latest workshop accessory in 1/35th scale. We look at them in our preview...

Preview: Milling machines from MiniArt in 35th scale

Lathe Machine
From MiniArt
1/35th scale
Kit No#35663
Two machines included in the one kit.
The subject: Milling machines in the workshops in the middle of the century.
The metal and woodworking lathes of fabricators are some of the most useful tools in any repair station or workshop. Often the milling machines were of a larger size and they stand like monoliths in any workshop. These are often still in operation today as they were built so solidly. 

The images below show the milling machnes seen in this kit taken from their workshop manuals
Theoretically, this lathe could be an any workshop you could make in a diorama. Heavy industry would be of course the most applicable.
The kit from MiniArt:
This kit is seen here firstly in CAD form as we look at the breakdown of the kit. The coloured blue shaded denote the alternate over arm head arts of the milling machines.
These drawings covert well to plastic, as we see the two sprues that make this kit , a fairly simple night in making this up we would think...

This kit from MiniArt will soon be available - Until then, keep an eye on the MiniArt's website or just look in here for more info on MiniArt’s new stuff.