Wednesday, June 19

Preview: Su-25SM/SM3 Frogfoot from Quinta Studio in 1/48th scale...

Quinta Studios have announces their own branded kit. The Su-25SM/SM3 Frogfoot in 1/48th scale, using a Zvezda kit base but full of Quinta resin 3-D decals, printed resin, six marking choices & etch. We look at the kit in our preview...

Preview: Su-25SM/SM3 Frogfoot from Quinta Studio in 1/48th scale...

Su-25SM/SM3 Frogfoot.
From Quinta Studio
1/48th scale
3D parts inliuded
Price: RRP 69 Euro - Pre-order price 49€
Quinta has just released a kit under their own brand with the start of a new pre-order - the 1/48th scale Su-25SM/SM3 Frogfoot, using the base plastic from the Zvezda kit, with resin, 3-D decal photo-etch & six marking choices.
The plastic of the bse Zvezda kit are well-known to modellers...
Quinta has added everything necessary for the model to correspond to modern Russian modifications of Frogfoot - Su-25SM and SM3 version. These additions include.

Fourty-two 3-D printed resin parts include:
• New visor and base of the dashboard, updated to modern modifications
• Two HUD options corresponding to the SM and SM3 modifications
• K-36L ejection seat, late version
• New keel top
• New tail boom
• Cassettes with heat traps (empty and loaded)
• Detailed wheels with loaded tires
• Electronic warfare containers and elements of the "Vitebsk" protective complex
• Antennas, sensors, and more.

3-d decals included in the kit:
Also in the kit you will find 4 sheets of Quinta Studio branded 3D decals, traditionally of highest quality, which include:
• The rear backrest, side walls and electrical panels of the cockpit - and this takes into account the differences between the aircraft modifications indicated on the box.
• Dashboard, side consoles and controls – also taking into account the features of both modifications.
• Upholstery, plates, ejection brackets and elements of the suspension system of the K-36L ejection seat in accordance with the modification of the aircraft (later/after the 2007 maintenance regulations)
• Elements of the "Vitebsk" protective complex, made using metallized 3D decal technology, have already become a best-seller set for the Ka-52 kit.

Decals & markings:
Decals for 6 various include planes that took part in combat operations in different theaters of operations, and, importantly, contain stencils for the Su-25SM (which differs from early Su-25s)

Photo etch:
The list of extras inside the kit box is completed by a small photo-etched plate for the exterior and several elements in the HUD on transparent film.

Pre-order discounted price:
Although the RRP of this kit once released will come in at 69 Euro, the special pre-order price will be 49 Euro!

Matching sets for this kit (sold seperatey)
Qutina have some seperate sets on sale to this kit from their trade partners, they are available on the Quinta website at this link 

This kit is priced at  a pre-order price of 49€ (RRP will be 69€) and available from the quinta website directly.