Wednesday, July 3

Preview: 22 Apache markings on sale in Werner's Wings new 35th scale set - Pre-sale now up!

Werner's Wings new set of twenty-two (22!) marking choices for their latest Army AH-64D/E set is now up on their website. We thought you would want to see the choices in the set in a preview..

Preview: 22 Apache markings on sale in Werner's Wings new 35th scale set - NOW Available...

AH-64D/E Apache decal set.
From Werner's Wings
Decal sheet No # 35-14
22 US Army aircraft subjects on the one set.
ONE DAY ONLY!  July 4th Pre-Sale
Price: USD $30
Werner's Wings have been following the recent spate of Apache releases with some interest of recent, and the latest AH-64's from Meng and Takom (with Trumpeter no doubt following soon) in 35th scale have seen a LOT of model builders in seach ofr new or alternate decals to those provided in the kit. Tosay Werner's Wings NEW decal set has been made(finally) available. Apart from letting you know, we thought we would show you some information on what comes inside the set...

An introduction...
There are twenty tow (22!) marking choices supplied in this set. Both for AH-64D's and the "guardian E models. These are all from the US Army, and all in olive drab overall.
The fairly anonymous nature of the Apache is evident in this selection of decals in this set, but there are subtle difference sin not only the markings, but if you look at them in real life, the real things, as the  OD paint ages with moisture and heat, the general condition of each of these Apaches will vary a lot some times.
Stencils for the birds, with the guys close to the subjects are always comforting, and they are provided here in this set for the modeller.
These new AH-64D/E decals will be available for purchase (initially only on) July 3rd-4th. After That you will have to wait until Floyd returns from his travels at the end of the July. They will also be available for purchase at the IPMS/USA National Convention in Madison & after his return from Oshkosh around August 1. The RRP is $30 USD.