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Preview: Six more releases in various scales from Italeri in July...

We have six kits in various scales from Italeri in July -  from the Lightning & Mirage, to the Spider & Sahariana, to the Cromwell & Panzer III. We look at the artwork, sprues, parts & decal/marking choices in our preview...

 Preview: Six more releases in various scales from Italeri in July...

F-35C Lightning II ''CATOBAR version''
From Italeri
No #1469
1/72nd scale
Model Dim. 22,2 cm
100% new moulds 
- Super decals sheet for 4 versions 
- Parts for ''beast mode'' configuration 
- New die-cut masks stickers sheet for ram panelings
The JSF (Joint Strike Fighter) program was established to develop a new fifth-generation, all-weather, multi-role fighter capable of serving as a viable replacement for ground attack aircraft of the United States and NATO countries. From this project emerged the single-seat Lockheed Martin F-35 Lightning II aircraft. Equipped with extraordinary technology, it is characterized by the adoption of an aerodynamic layout, featuring stealth capabilities and a trapezoidal wing design.

The decals supplied in this kit
The 4 marking choices in this kit
Designed to perform missions of air superiority, close air support, and ground attack, its airframe can be configured in various setups. The F-35A operates from conventional runways, the F-35B is designed for vertical take-off and landing, and the F-35C is ideal for deployment from conventional aircraft carriers. More specifically, the F-35C is distinguished by its folding wingtips to optimize onboard storage operations, a rear arrestor hook, and a reinforced frontal gear suitable for catapult launch systems on U.S. Navy aircraft carriers.

- New die-cut masks stickers sheet for painting the RAM panels
The plastic parts of the kit

From Italeri
No #6530 
1/35th scale
Model Dim. 24,6 cm
Decal for 4 versions 
- Rubber tyres 
- Metal gun barrel 
- Photoetched fret 
- Parts for 47/32 alternative version
he “Camionetta Desertica modello 42 Sahariana” was developed for the Italian Royal Army based on the chassis and mechanics of the reliable armored car AB 41. During operations on the African front, there arose the need for a reconnaissance vehicle particularly suited to desert conditions, where sand terrain demanded specific characteristics not present in available vehicles. Thanks to its low-profile side and large wheels, the "Sahariana" was ideal for reconnaissance operations and conducting swift raids into enemy territory. 

The decals supplied in this kit
The 4 marking choices in this kit
Its good range enhanced the possibility of employing the vehicle for long-range operations. The type of armament could vary depending on the models and consisted of the Breda 20/65 mod 1935 machine gun, the effective 47/32 anti-tank gun, or the 20 mm Solothurn anti-tank rifle.

Tyres and etch in the kit
The plastic parts of the kit

Alfa Romeo Giulia 1600 Spider
From Italeri
No #3668
1/24th scale
Model Dim. 16,2 cm
Colors instructions sheet 
- detailed engine 
- Chrome parts and capote for closed version
Built by Alfa Romeo, the Giulia Spider was produced from 1962 to 1965 and can be considered the evolution of the Giulietta Spider, from which it takes the main aesthetic lines of the highly successful design. The Giulia was equipped with a longitudinally-mounted inline four-cylinder engine with a displacement of 1,570 cc, more powerful than the previous 1,300 cc engine used in the Giulietta. 

The decals supplied in this kit - including several numberplates for different countries
The marking choice / idea in this kit
The adoption of the new engine required modifications to the front hood, which also became a distinctive and characterizing element. Aesthetic improvements were also made to the interior, steering wheel, and instrumentation. The transmission was based on a synchronized five-speed gearbox. It was produced in two versions: the "normale" with 92 HP and the "veloce" with twin carburetors providing 112 HP. It achieved good commercial success and was particularly appreciated for its unmistakable "made in Italy" design.

Tyres and springs supplied in the kit
- Chrome parts for closed version
The plastic parts of the kit

Mirage III E
From Italeri
No #2816
1/48th scale
Model Dim. 29cm
The Dassault Mirage III represents a landmark in French aerospace production. Produced from the early 1960s to equip units of the Armée de l'Air, it proved to be extremely effective right from the start. It quickly became a commercial success and was exported to numerous countries, participating in various conflicts during the 1970s and 1980s. 

The decals supplied in this kit
The 4 marking choices in this kit
Characterized by its distinctive delta wing, it was capable, thanks to its Snecma Atar engine with afterburner, of exceeding Mach 2 speeds. Following the Mirage IIIC, designed for the interceptor role, a multirole and ground-attack version was developed. This led to the Mirage IIIE, characterized aerodynamically by a lengthening of the fuselage to accommodate improved avionics.

The plastic parts of the kit

Cromwell Mk. IV
From Italeri
No #25274
1/56th scale
- 55 parts 
- 1 figure 
- Decals for 2 versions
Model Dim. 11,3 cm
The Cromwell tank was developed during the Second World War by the British Army to replace the outdated Crusader in the role of "Cruiser Tank." The Cromwell was characterized by its very high speed, which could reach over 60 km/h, and great manoeuvrability. While speed was often limited to prevent excessive wear on the tank's mechanics, especially its suspension, it was balanced with decent armor and good armament. 

The decals supplied in this kit
The 2 marking choices in this kit
The main 75mm gun mounted in the turret was powerful enough in engagements against similar armored vehicles and could use the same ammunition as other Allied tanks like the American Sherman. Additionally, the Cromwell effectively served in the close support role for infantry.

The plastic parts of the kit

Pz. Kpfw. III Ausf. J/L/M/N
From Italeri
No #25754
1/56th scale
- 89 parts 
- Highly detailed kit 
- 1 figure 
- Decals for 2 versions
Model Dim. 12,2 cm
The development of the medium tank Panzerkampfwagen III began in the mid-1930s, with the intention of making it the backbone of the armored units of the Wehrmacht. It was a key player in the Blitzkrieg and the early stages of the Second World War. Over time, in its various produced versions, it adopted a more effective main armament. 

The decals supplied in this kit
The marking choices in this kit
Starting from the 37mm of the early production series, it was equipped with cannons ranging up to 75mm in caliber, enabling it to counter superior armored vehicles. Throughout the war, it was also upgraded in armor and often fitted with additional protections to increase its battlefield resilience. However, starting from 1943, the technological gap compared to adversary tanks progressively led to the replacement of the Panzer III with more modern and heavily armed vehicles.

The plastic parts of the kit

These should be in shops this month. From more on Italeri's kits check out their website...