Tuesday, May 15

MiniArt get the "ball" rolling with their new Spherical "Sharotank" 1/35th scale in the "What-If?" series...

We have been waiting or a company to get into these - now MiniArt gets the ball rolling with their new "What-If?" Spherical "Ball Tank". Miniart has released a great new video showing off some of the features of this new kit that is doing the "rounds" - See what we are talking about in our preview...

MiniArt present the new series "What If...?" 

Series number #1
1/35th scale
Product No #40001 
Release date: August 2018
We only have a video so far, but MiniArt has long been planning this one, a new series of "What-If?" kits from the drawing boards of the weapons and vehicles that could have been. We know that AMG Models had just released their 35th scale BT-102 'Spheroid' Soviet Road Tank (which actually existed we think) MiniArt aims to make these kits from scratch to add something completely new to the hobby in an ever expanding genre.
We do not have much more information on the kit yet, apart from that fac tthat it is a full interior kit and that it is moulded in plastic, it is 35th scale and it is promised to us in August - the rest is still "What-If?" to us as well!
 A CAD rendering of the tank from the outside - bristling with guns
 From front on -l ook out if it's coming for you, lucky the training wheels are out
 A view of the inside of the kit
Check out this video to see more on this kit
For more on this #40001 SOVIET BALL TANK "Sharotank" kit as it comes to light check out the product link on the MiniArt Website