Thursday, June 22

So... Its the M3 Lee & Grant in 35th from Takom after all...

SO there it is – the M3Lee and Grant in 35th scale from takom – we have some limited info on them in our preview...

Wednesday, June 21

Masterbox is getting romantic - but still fighting hard- with two couples and some GI's in their July/ August releases.

Masterbox has three new kits in familiar genres and sales for July/ August release – a new take on their 24th scale series, some more modern warriors and a new family begins in 35th scale – take a look at what is coming in our preview...

Tuesday, June 20

Construction Review: Officer 116th Pz Div "Windhund" 1/16th Bust from Alpine Miniatures

Alpine Miniatures ahs been making both 1/35th and 1/16th scale figures for quite some time – recently they have diverged from the "fuller figure" with a new series of busts in 16th scale. We have the first in this series, that of an Officer of the 116th Panzer Division "Windhund". We have put him together in our construction review for you today.

Monday, June 19

Read n' reviewed: Luftwaffe Im Focus Edition No. 26 from Luftfahrtverlag Start

New editions of the Luftwaffe im Focus series always spike our interest. A Mixture of large format, previously unpublished photos and some well researched journalistic detective work are the perfect combinations which have few peers in this genre. How does this, the twenty-sixth issue fare against its brothers/sister publications? We read it and thought you should know what Is inside issue 26.

Sunday, June 18

In-Boxed: Gary examines Eduard's 48th scale Vought F-8E Crusader 'Limited Edition'

Always one to take interest in a 48th scale Jet with aftermarket parts, Gary thought this new "Limited Edition" boxing of Eduard's F-8E Crusader would be a good excuse to use aftermarket on his kit while still technically calling it "out of the box". Today Gary takes us thru what's inside the box before he gets building his own version of the Last Gunfighter...

Saturday, June 17

Preview: The T-60 Small Tank and Variants Red Machines Vol.1 from Canfora Publishing

Canfora Publishing has a knack for turning out great books on modelling. They have launched a new series featuring the Russian tanks and AFV's featuring different vehicles in photos, profiles and blueprints. These should be interesting to many modellers – and for a short time, they are available at a 15% pre-order discount. See what they are made up of in our preview...

Friday, June 16

Read n' reviewed: Aces High Issue 9: "Helicopters - Modern War Horses" Magazine

Gary loves his helicopters, and he likes modelling them just as much – perfect candidate we thought to read and review AK Interactive's new book in their "Aces High" series. See what he thought in his overview of the mag...

Thursday, June 15

Build Guide Pt I: 48th scale Bronco Models Curtiss Mk.IIB Tomahawk (P-40C) - Construction.

We have seen one build of Bruce's "Flying Tigers" P-40 from Bronco here on TMN already - now Gary Wickham has taken on the 48th scale Curtiss Mk.IIB Tomahawk in a desert scheme for his latest challenge in a multi-part build. See how he went and what you could maybe apply to your own model in his great build guide...

Wednesday, June 14

Valiant Wings Publishing expands one volume into two with Fighter and Sea Mossies

We like the Airframe and Miniatures books from Valiant Wings Publishing. The "all -in-one" approach to covering a subject is what we value the most – well this time it is "all—in-two" as they have split the Mosquito book into two volumes. The fighter and Sea Mossie book has just been released on pre-order – and we have some into about what's inside and how to save a few ducats...

Monday, June 12

Andy finishes his build guide of Eduard's 48th scale Harrier GR7/9 "Lucy"

Andrew Perren's build of the Eduard Model Accessories "Limited Edition" 48th scale Harrier Gr7/9 has finished. For those following the last three parts we know a kit is all about the finish - so let's see how he finishes his Harrier in the final part of his story...

Sunday, June 11

In-Boxed: The 35th scale 30.5CM Mörser "Bär" from Amusing Hobby

Up for scrutiny today the new 35th scale 30.5CM Mörser "Bär“ with that massive gun on board via Amusing Hobby. As this behemoth never saw the light of day, there is sparse info to compare it with. However, we thought we would take a look at the kit and the colours, plastic & everything else in the box in our "In-Boxed" review.

Saturday, June 10

Build Guide: Macson shows us how he made his Panda Hobby 1:35 Kurganets-25 BTR Object 693 in 35th

Macson has already given us a wonderful Rhino SPG gun build here on TMN. He returns, this time with a Panda Hobby kit in 35th scale. The Russian Kurganets-25 is a new Russian infantry fighting vehicle that looks pretty cool - but did Macson capture the realistic elements on such a new AFV? Check it out in his build guide here.

Friday, June 9

Kittyhawk's 1/48th scale UH-1D "Huey" – just about to dust off...

With help from Floyd Werner, Kittyhawk's follow up to the 48th scale modern version UH-1Y "Venom" chopper we are now seeing the daddy of helicopters, the ubiquitous UH-1D "Huey" helicopter. Kittyhawk has sent out CAD shots, but now we can see the built up test shot in the flesh and painted up - ready to lift off...

Thursday, June 8

Read n' reviewed: Modern warfare is only 19 - Abrams Squad #19

Abrams Squad is now nineteen issues in, and we have had a good look at what is new with the modern AFV and military modelling world – what did we think after we read it? Click on to see in our review...

Wednesday, June 7

Read n' Reviewed: Joaquín García Gázquez's new book - “Vignettes. A how-to guide” from Accion Press.

We have looked at books from the master modeller Joaquín García Gázquez before here on TMN. However, he has a brand new book, published by Accion Press featuring the art of the Vignette. Called “Vignettes. A how-to guide series.” it is now available, so we have read and reviewed it for you to show you just what's inside...

Tuesday, June 6

Keep a look out for this Watch Officer of the Kriegsmarine from Alpine Miniatures this month.

Alpine Miniatures has three new resin figures released this month in four configurations. Two single 35th scale figures and a set, as well as a larger scale 16th figure of a U-boat Watch Officer that looks far from out to sea. Let's have a look at the larger 16th scale figure in our preview...

Monday, June 5

Italeri are keeping it diverse in July 2017...

Italeri always seems to bring something different – even though a lot may seem the same in each month's models – they really do try and make kits for everyone. Check out all of their new July kits in our preview, with boxart, colours and sprues for each of these...

Sunday, June 4

In-boxed: Andy goes small scale with the very large Rheintochter 1 Launcher with E-100 Body from Modelcollect

"What-If's" are very much in vogue now with model companies and modellers who want something new – but familiar at the same time, maybe with a captive audience? Andy Moore has just one of these theoretical vehicles – the massive Rheintochter 1 Launcher with E-100 Body in diminutive 1/72nd scale – see what he thinks before he gets glueing tiny/big parts together.

Friday, June 2

A few "Pearls" in June's new items from Revell of Germany

We have a bunch fo new kits from Revell of Germany that might interest you all - personally we like Starsky & Hutch's 76 Torino - but you will no doubt pick at least one of these you would like for your stash. See boxart, sprues & built kits in our preview...

Thursday, June 1

New from Bandai - the 72nd scale Millennium Falcon "Perfect Grade" kit

It looks like Finemolds might have some competition finally – Bandai are going to release a “Perfect Grade” Millennium Falcon in 72nd scale, and we have lots of pictures of the kit in our preview...

Wednesday, May 31

In boxed: WWII German Super Heavy Tank Maus V2 from Takom in 1/35th scale.

Takom has given us a shock again with their new release of not only one - but two Maus super heavy tanks in 35th scale. We have started construction on the "V2" turreted version of the tank, first of all, we thought that you would like to see what comes in the box before we build it.

Tuesday, May 30

We look at Hobbyboss’ latest from land, sea & air in our June 2017 item preview

Hobbyboss have five new models from land sea nd air on release this next month of June.  We have pictures of not only the nice box art for each but colours and markings and sprue shots of each kit with some info so you can make up your own decisions on whether you want these in your stash or not. See what's new in our preview...

Sunday, May 28

Preview: AK Interactive's new Aces High Issue 10 - "Eastern Front" is here

We look forward to each edition of the "Aces High" magazine, it features some of the best aircraft modelling currently on display in the hobby with a bunch of great builders showing off their builds. This new issue has us interested, as it features both sides of the conflict in the massive air war over the Eastern Front in WWII. We have some pictures of what to expect in this issue.

Friday, May 26

Build Guide 3/4: Eduard 1/48th scale Harrier Gr7/9 "Limited Edition" Kit: Paint & Decals

Today we see Andrew Perren's second part of his build of the Eduard 48th scale Harrier Gr7/9 Limited Edition kit. There are four parts to this build, and today Andrew starts to lay the paint to the smaller and the larger areas of the kit - It's all coming together in part II...

Thursday, May 25

Dual Review: Two Barracuda Studios Resin sets for the 48th scale Spitfire

Barracuda Studios has released two sets of aftermarket replacement cockpits for the Spitfire in 48th scale. These are added to the two variants that have already ben released by Barracuda. Bruce had a look at what is in each of these two new sets and what he thinks of the execution in his dual review today.

Wednesday, May 24

Build Guide Pt.I: Paul's take on MiniArt's 35th scale T-54-2 Soviet Medium Tank (mod 1949)

Miniart is making some great new models of the largest, toughest tanks to enter service in the last century, with a focus especially on the Post-WWII "T" series of medium and MBT's. Paul got his hands on Miniart's new 35th scale T54-2 kit and though he would give us his build guide of the kit's construction. Let's take a look at it going together in Pt.I of his build guide

Tuesday, May 23

Preview: Accion Press releases PANZER ACES 54 – Modern Warfare Special

Panzer Aces usually show off armour and AFV up until the end of WWII – they have leapt into the future now with a Modern Warfare special in English and in Spanish Languages – Chek out what's inside in our preview of issue #54

Monday, May 22

Build Guide Pt 2/4: Eduard 1/48th scale Harrier Gr7/9 "Limited Edition" Kit

Today we see Andrew Perren's build of the Eduard 48th scale Harrier Gr7/9 Limited Edition kit. It features Hasegawa plastic tricked out with Eduard goodies that promise to bring great detail to the base model. There are four parts to this build, today the build starts in a great fashion. Click on to see how to get the best out of your own kit...

Sunday, May 21

Build Pt: II - Andy works the hull in a cut-out fashion of Takom's King Tiger Henschel Turret w/Zimmerit – “Abt.505”

Andy's build of the new King Tiger from Takom in 35th scale is underway, Today we see the second part of the build and the cutaway process come to form in the completion of the hull interior - see how he did it in today's build guide Pt.II.

Saturday, May 20

Kittyhawk are busy reworking & refining their Su-34 in 48th scale...

After the announcement of the Su-35 in 48th scale, Kittyhawk are going to bring its stable mate in the same scale in the form of the  Su-34 "Fullback" – Let's look at the improvements that have been going on with this kit asince it's first inception in our preview...