Saturday, November 5

Some new titles from MMD and Some new "helmetage" in 1/48th

Squadron and True Details from the U.S. of A have some titbits this month for all the lovers of the M41 Walker Bulldog and the fans of the M1917 WWI series of tanks, well you can rejoice as your walk-arounds are here!
Also people in need of a helmet to fit your latest Encore Model "Tweet" pilot's head (or any other 70's US pilot from that era) True details had you covered with their latest flight helmets in 1/48th.

TD48546 USAF FLIGHT HELMETS  1/48 Scale Retail $5.99
USAF Flight Helmets 1970s. 4 finely resin helmets - 2 each HGU-26/P and HGU-36/P, all with separate oxygen masks and hoses. Ideal to dress up Vietnam and post-Vietnam era cockpits and vignettes.  - US$5.39 RRP!!                           


Also from Sqaudron/ Signal Publicarions...
SS 67023 Ft-17 / M1917 WWI Tanks Walk Around (Hardbound) $28.95

David Doyle. 
Introduced in 1917, the Renault FT-17 and its American-built copy, the M1917, revolutionized tank design. The vehicle’s rotating turret, rear-engine, driver-forward design are characteristics of the most advanced tanks even today. This volume presents a careful study of the details and variations of this innovative vehicle, inside and out. Two-hundred thirty-seven photographs reveal the intimacies of no fewer than 14 of the finest surviving examples of these machines, preserved on three different continents. Examples feature a variety of paint schemes and camouflage patterns, the rounded and flat-plate castings for the rear of the vehicle and the tail skid and turret variations between the Renault FT-17 and U.S.-made M1917. The driver’s compartment in the interior of the tank is revealed, and close ups record the configuration of the engine. Nine detailed line drawings supplement the photos and comprehensive captions; 80 pages.

Soft Cover ISBN:  978-0-89747-640-9 Hardbound ISBN:  978-0-89747-641-6

SS 67024 M41 Walker Bulldog Walk Around (Hardbound) $28.95

Chris Hughes. 
The standard US light tank during the early years of the Cold War, the M41 Bulldog was developed as a more powerful successor to the M24 Chaffee. Named for General Walton Walker who died in a Jeep accident in Korea, the Walker Bulldog was maneuverable and well armed. It was, however, rushed to the battlefield to counter North Korea’s Soviet built T-34s before all its own kinks had been worked out. Accordingly a number of Bulldog variants were developed over the years in an effort to overcome initial deficiencies. In 1953 a hydraulic turret traverse replaced the initial electrical traverse and in 1956, fuel injection was introduced. The US Army began phasing out the Bulldog at the end of the 1960s, but the rugged vehicle has served more than 20 other countries and continues to operate in several armies around the world to this day. The detailed photographs that pack this volume offer readers a detailed look at all the facets of the M41, inside and out. In addition to comprehensive images of the outside of the Bulldog, five pages cover the engine compartment alone, while images of the interior of vehicle and turret fill 25 pages. Illustrated with 250 photographs plus color profiles and numerous detailed line drawings; 80 pages.

Soft Cover ISBN:  978-0-89747-643-0. Hardbound ISBN:  978-0-89747-644-7