Monday, November 7

I wish I knew about his a while ago! Eduard releases impressive add-ons for GWH Fw-189A

In the “I wish I had this a few months ago” catagory is the new photo etch sets for the Nightfighter Fw 189A-1 originally sold by Great Wall Hobbies. I started this build  on The Modelling News a while ago and it’s quite a nice little kit by itself – then this turns up ! Absolutely making what detail there was look pretty basic in comparison -  these three sets turn your lovely little nightfighter into a show stopper!

- Perfect for your nightfighter - but this set comes ready to suit both GWH Kits of the  Fw 189
New parts for the interiors of the engine – the cockpit and the radar antenna (which was really needed) this set is on sale now from the Eduard site.
Eduard’s releases of note this month apart from the Fw 189 parts are the interior and exterior set of details for the P-51d mustang in 1/32 scale, a Mig 21MF in tiny 1/144scale, some perforated PSP airfield Marsden matting in 1/72 and some photo etched grass rushes in 1/35 which look really impressive.
Engine panels, walk-way strips and the grab handles add a wealth of detail to this already very nice kit
The exact sets Eduard are offering are these - complete with links to each item...

#49565 -  Interior set for the Fw 189 - The best thing -  about this set from Eduard - well there are many but the VERY best thing which will help your build speed by many times is the inclusion on the interior set of the internal panels which just apply to the walls of the inside of the aircraft - NO MORE SANDING AND FILLING - which is the one thing i really didn't like about this kit - (everything else was good BTW) - 

The nasty seam in the donor kit (shown below) really was a lowlight in amongst the rest of the kit which is great - see below for the fix from Eduard
 No more filling and sanding yeeeharr!!!
Interior set - seatbelts and I.P.
Curtains ? they think of everything...
Many of these details can be used on Both of the GWH kits -- the day and night fighters

#48714 Fw 189A Surface detail Self-adhesive
#48710 Fw 189 Landing Flaps
I have to say the Eduard site has had a substantial upgrade this year and is now very easy to navigate while looking just great as well – the money was well spent! These are several new releases I a downloadable format direct from their site and they have a good little blog to keep you informed as well.

I like their little rabbit mascot - the new site and blog look great and are very interesting - definitely worth a look - click their link below for Eduard's new site