Monday, January 30

Italeri's latest releases - You could park your boat on one of them !

Italeri Have sent news of a few kits we thought would be interesting for release this month. Something for Military and Aircraft lovers alike. Straight away i noticed this excellent base to suit some of their excellent ship releases  as well as the re-tooled Autoblinda AB 40 Ferroviaria in 1/35 as well.

1/35th scale Long Dock
Modular Kit. Buy additional boxes to extend your dock -Ideal complement for all Italeri 1:35 scale ships

067 - scale 1 : 72 Jaguar GR.1

Towards the end of the sixties the British and French aircraft industries created an aerodynamically outstanding fighter/bomber, the Jaguar. The ground attack version used by the Royal Air Force has a more sophisticated electronic navigation and bombing system than the French counterpart. Notwithstanding the fact, that the airplane has been in service for more than 20 years, it is still to-day considered to be a valid support aircraft for the Tornado. During the Gulf War the Jaguars have been used against the Iraqui Forces in hundreds of missions without a single loss. Many successful missions ware also carried out during the Balkans conflict.
Decals for 2 RAF versions

Kit Parts

1/35 Autoblinda AB 40 Ferroviaria


The AB 40 armoured car was devised for the Italian Royal Army in the late 1930s, to replace the old Lancia models. The vehicle was innovative at the time, being a four-wheel drive with separate suspensions and two driving positions. The armoured car was fitted with two 8mm machine guns in the turret and another in the rear of the hull, but was only built in small numbers for evaluation purposes, as development of the more sophisticated AB 41 was already underway. A few of the models were turned into tracked patrol vehicles as the wheels could be replaced with rail wheels and relative braking systems. A few of these vehicles were used in Yugoslavia by the Italian forces and, later, by the Germans.

Decals for 2 versions

2718 - Mirage lll CJ Aces

Most of Israeli pilots that have achieved the “aces” qualification were in service from the 60s, participating in the “Six-day war” in 1967 and in the aerial battles which followed in 1969-70, culminating in the “Yom Kippur war” of 1973, with the Mirage III fighter plane. Many of them remained in service moving on to other types of aircrafts which progressively were handed to the units: F-4 Phantom, Nesher and then F-16. This box is dedicated to some of these pilots that achieved part of their victories with the Mirage III between 1967 and 1973. Most of these pilots belonged to the 101st Squadron, which at the time of the 1967 War was the elite unit of Israeli aviation.

Decals for 6 Israeli versions
Kit Parts