Monday, January 30

MiniArt News - Interesting new figures and something to pull out your big guns with

MiniArt have given us some very basic info on their latest kits to be released in the next month or so - to add to their dioramas series they have  releases many different sets of figures from different nations as well as a new Soviet artillery tractor - lets have a look at the pictures and work out a bit about what's in store for us in the next few months...

This kit of French Civilians contains 47 parts which make five figures - ranging from a policeman and a priest to a baker and what looks like could be a paper seller with his hand in the air? The last civilian I think is indescribable what he does hmmmm?

This kit contains models of five figures made up of 62 parts. From the box art you can see what look like Luftwaffe gunners taking prisoner some British "Red Devils" at the end of Operation Market Garden. It will be interesting to see if the paratroopers have full heads to be "de-armed properly by their captors. I do hope as well MiniArt stick to this drawing and make the captors Luftwaffe gunners like in this picture. 

This kit makes five figures of Afrika Korps tankers who are resting and maintaining their panzer under the blistering heat of the African sun. The rather fit looking tankers are all bare chested and it will be interesting to see how people paint them up and what headgear hey are given in the final release.

This model of an artillery tractor and two figures (as yet unknown) is a plastic injection moulded kit with 525 parts that make a complete engine and internal structure of the vehicle. The tarpaulin on the rear of the vehicle can be either portrayed on or off and there are several Photo Etched marts to detail the thinner parts around this - 37 PE parts in total.