Tuesday, March 13

Andrea Miniatures has some new smashing new horses & some hungry hounds

We have been sent some new sculpture previews from the brilliant figure making company Andrea Miniatures. Please dont look if you like your horses very quiet and your dogs well fed!

Andrea Miniatures offers us  many really brilliantly sculpted figures – these two new releases for March  have are come in two flavours – painted and unpainted - for those of you who want to improve your skills the unpainted kits are considerably cheaper than the painted finished figures. I think these are of more merit to myself as you are in control of your own destiny so to speak – and you are the sole one to “blame” if you do not like the shading on a part of the figure – but for those who would prefer just to look at a beautiful piece well that option is there for you.
 Above is the TR-13 kit of the German Timbalero mounted Kettle drummer from 1937 which served in the mass hysteria of the National Socialist party marching bands in the late thirties. In the 1/18 or 90mm scale this figure is made up of thirty eight pieces of white metal and resin. It looks amazing doesn't it?

The second of the releases this month from Andrea Miniatures is the WY-10 “Diners Unwelcome” figure – in a smaller 54mm or 1/32 scale
This kit again comes painted or unpainted and consists of twelve parts of white metal in the unassembled form. This figure harks back echoes of the PYN Up series but is a lot more “PC”
These great new figures are available at your fave figure shop and from Andrea Miniatures right now