Wednesday, March 14

Need large german WWII figures? These are a Shui-in

Jeff Shui’s Miniatures  have sent us images of two of their latest resin figures in 120MM scale - sticking to the usual (undeniably popular) inspiration the German serviceman of WWII. Jeff’s latest German figures from WWII are: “Totenkopf, Kharkov 1943 (Part 1)” & “German 6th Army Stalingrad 1942/43 (Part 2).” Kits - let’s have a closer look in this preview.
The exciting figure makers -  Jeff Shui’s Miniatures  thier figures in any flavour as long as they are German, Bad-ass looking and in 120mm scale. This modeller makes models in this anything-but-miniature scale – his kits are as finely sculpted as they are well researched and detailed – they are amongst the best on the market right now.

The first kit is the part one of the Totenkopf series – coming in twenty Resin Pieces “Totenkopf, Kharkov 1943 (Part 1)” shows a heavily weighted down MG42 machine gunner from the “Death’s Head” division from the Russian front in 1943. This soldier is clad in all winter clothing, grenades, and a pistol and laden down with ammo he certainly looks as ready to fight the cold as he is ready to fight the Soviets!
The next figure is of another 120mm sculpt - “German 6th Army Stalingrad 1942/43 (Part 2).”
This figure is seen on a small resin base with what looks to be the soldier’s dropped rifle as the figure pulls the fuse on his stick grenade.
"Watch out Ivan"
Dressed in thick clothing and seen in a muddy landscape this puts the figure in the bitterest of fighting on the banks of the Volga in 1943 – he carries gas canister and rifle ammunition at his hip and looks to my eyes to be peeing round a corner ready to throw his Model 24 Stielhandgranate. 

Jeff has done very well with his new figures – he has a bunch of other amazing works on his site for you to oogle at as well. Follow this link so check them all out.