Wednesday, May 2

Osprey Titles Released Early!

Want the latest OspreyPublishing titles and really don’t want to wait? Osprey has just PRE-RELEASED their newest books in eBook form so they are available even before the printed editions – Sam from Osprey lets you in on their little secret in our news item…
As a new month rolls in, we get closer to the release of some great Osprey titles, some of which are now available to pre-order. Or, if you can't wait, you can buy them NOW as an eBook PDF from our website!

We can't have a pre-order for an eBook, so we thought we might as well let them loose! So have a look at these shiny new titles. In just a few seconds, they could be yours...
All of these eBook are available and if you need more info on any of these just check out at Osprey Publishing’s website

 Osprey General Newsletter March 2012‏

 That's right, the long wait is over! Osprey Publishing and Slitherine Software are proud to announce the official release of Field of Glory Napoleonic! Unlike the previous Field of Glory series, FOGN consists of three hardback books. The first, now available, contains all of the rules needed to play the game, along with several complete army lists. The other two books will cover all of the armies of Europe that were engaged in the fighting from 1793 through to Waterloo!

Find out what all the hype has been about!                         
Don't forget there's still time to take advantage of the 25% discount on all Ancient World titles - which includes this month's new releases and all pre-orders, including Roman Centurions 31 BC–AD 500 (MAA 479).
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 We've just embarked on a new project to take our Osprey Modelling series books and offer them on a chapter-by-chapter basis. This way you can buy just the chapter you need to work on your new model and not worry about the rest of the builds in the book.

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New Books Available To Pre-order:


All of these books are or will be available and if you need more info on any of these just check out Osprey Publishing’s website