Sunday, April 29

MiniArt maneuvers kits to "on sale"

MiniArt has release some news of a three new kits just on sale now with updates on some of their previously announced GAZ-MM,  ZiS-3 German Staff Car Type 170V vehicles with additions in pictures and shots that we will show you in our preview…

This kit in 1/35 contains 221 parts in light grey sprues – five figures and their ZiS-3 anti-tank gun.

MiniArt have supplied us with some CAD images of how the kit will look along with details of how things like the wheels will go together – they are the “sandwich together” type – love them or not!

 The gun is being hurriedly put into position by six soldiers who all have weapons of their own in this made up kit from the MiniArt Site.

 The latest GAZ-MM from MiniArt comes complete with the driver crew and a total of 360 parts. There are three different variant markings including a captured three tone German Version

Wow - wooden doors? more risk of termites than rust!!

 8 x Wheels are the Sandwich together types

 Photo Etch

Marking choices

 And here is one MiniArt have made earlier - this kit comes together really nicely...

 The latest softskin from MiniArt comes in either field grey, a lovely three tone camo or a de-luxe looking civilian version which would look great as a top brass "chariot" - the photo etch and the internal details look great.

The insides of the door panels and pockets look very nicely detailed
Sandwich style tyres make for more delicate wheels - but a longer process is required for the delicate fit

The hood looks suitably sort with good support brackets, the windscreen frame is pretty thin as well

Die Autobody looks pretty smooth and there isn't any seam on the back fender
The transparencies and P/E

 Marking choices x 5
Again here is a beautiful example modelled by the guys at MiniArt

Another example painted very tastefully in civilian markings

These three kits are on sale now!! To check the progress on MiniArt kits just go to their site to see what’s crackin’