Thursday, May 31

Avionix 1/32 A-4M SKYHAWK COCKPIT SET preview

Well Trumpeter have gone and released our fave Skyhawk or “Scooter” the A-4M model – yes the one with the camel hump on it’s back... But the cockpit detail is – well how do you put this – pretty basic for a kit worth 120odd $..Well Avionix have come up with a new cockpit and some pictures we thought we would show you how it looks in our  preview…

Available for $30.00 from Squadron in the USA (actually 10% off right now so $27 USD
Designed to fit the new Trumpeter A-4M kit in 1/32, this highly detailed resin upgraded cockpit including cockpit tub, ejection seat, cockpit side-walls, instrument panel (with integral coaming and sight), joystick and individually cast fine seat and cockpit controls.

The real cockpit and the Avionix set
The real seat and Avionix seat - not bad!!
These are available now from Squadron in the USA for $27 while they have a 10% off special – no time like the now!