Saturday, June 9

Bronco show us SOME details of new releases - built and boxart

We have a bunch of new announcement shots from Bronco from the Far East – they have been really busy by the look of it and their latest additions are all World War II kits in 1/35. Bronco are keeping to their quality promise by the look of it as most of these – where we have shots of the plastic – look to be top notch kits in the making – let’s hope so! Read on for more…

Kit: CB35111 - OQF 40mm Bofors Anti-Aircraft Gun Mk.I/III (British Version) in 1/35

Lots of great pictures on this – as well as boxart we have the shots of the model kit made up – the great parts of this are the super detailed barrels and boxes they come in, the whole kit – topped off with PE looks to be an impressive kit in the making.

Kit: CB35036 - Hungarian 40/43M 'Zrinyi' II 105mm Assault Gun in 1/35

This classic Hungarian tank looks great on the box-art and even better made up in real life – the small size of the tank is featured by the size of it compared to the 44 gallon drum on the rear deck!

Kit: CB35135 - "Pheasant" 17/25pdr Anti-Tank Gun Crew Set (Tunisia, Sicily & Italy) in 1/35
The figures look pretty impressive don't they? Very clean in detail and without seams on the sides – well see if they have them in production

 Kit: CB35114 - German 88mm L71 FlaK 41 Anti-Aircraft Gun w/Sd.Ah.202 Trailer in 1/35
Not much on this as of yet – just boxart.

Kit: CB35124 - 8-Rad Panzerfunkwagen Sd.Kfz.263 (Mod 1939) in 1/35

The excellent boxart shows an appreciation of the model’s characteristics – let hope the artist helped with the kit!!

 Kit: CB35072 – M24 Chaffee (Post-War Version) Service in Asian Army Force in 1/35

Only colours now – but this important tank was used in many countries -  - this looks promising as well ( we will see)

 Kit: CB35136 - M1114 Up-Armoured Vehicle w/XM153 CROWS II in 1/35

Boxart only on this Up-armoured Humvee – it looks top heavy doesn’t it?

Kit: AB3557 - Hungarian 20L Jerry Can & 200L Fuel Drum Set in 1/35

Can can? Can do? Carry the can? Who knows!

For more from Bronco check out their website...