Friday, June 8

Mr. black has some more reading material for us...

Mr.Black Productions
has released some excellent books on figure modelling that have harnessed some of the most talented modellers in the world doing what they do best – documenting the making of some amazing award winning figures - Scale Model Handbook 3, Figure Modelling 3 feature the painting skills of some of the best – ill hand over to Stelios to tell you more..

I am pleased to inform you that Scale Model Handbook 3, Figure Modelling 3 is out!
This is the third edition in the Scale Model Handbook series, dedicated once again to miniature figures and published on schedule, three months after the second book. ‘Figure Modelling 3’, like the first two editions covers a variety of themes and historical periods, the contents include eight unique themes that have been presented in a detailed way.
Herein you’ll find how to paint commercial miniature figures using acrylics, oils or enamels, make groundwork and scenery for presentation. Everything is contributed by well-known miniaturists, whom we are sure will both inspire and, we hope, keep you occupied for many hours.

The favourable reception and excellent reviews of the first two books gave us strength and encouragement to try even harder for future editions in the ‘Scale Model Handbook’ series. We will endeavour do our best to bring useful and accessible books for the modelling community, whom we must heartily thank for their support of this project.

Our thanks go to Grigoris Marmatakis, Manolis Mitsotakis, Christos Panagiotopoulos, Ernesto Reyes Stalhuth, Christos Stamatopoulos and Kazufumi Tomori for sharing their work with us in ‘Figure Modelling 3’, along with special thanks to Charles Davis, Pietro Balloni, Luca Marcetti, Massimo Pasquali and Ken Jones.


4 SS Sturmbannführer of the Artillery - 90mm.
14 U-Boat Crew WWII - 180mm.
16 Soviet Naval Infantry WWII, “The Black Devil”- 180mm.
18 Gallic Chieftain 1st Century B.C. - 75mm.
30 General Marcus Antonius 83-30 B.C. - 180mm.
32 Pausanias at the Battle of Plataea - 90mm.
38 Emmanuel De Grouchy (1766 -1847) - 75mm.
42 German Fallschirmjäger 1944 – 180mm.
We hope you enjoy this latest book in the ‘Scale Model Handbook’ series.
Stelios Demiras
Editor/ Publisher

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