Thursday, June 14

Eduard announces that August will see new P/E sets and Masks for the HK Models B-25 kit in 1/32 - "XL-Ed" set for anyone? ?

Eduard have answered the prayers of many owners of the new HK Models B-25 in 1/32 – they have developed a new Photo Etch set for the beast and we have some early test shots for you to drool over!

 Over on Eduard’s Facebook page they have released details of this improvement set to take your B-25 to the next level – below in my picture you can see the detail of the original constructed kit…

And now feast your eyes on this baby – what an improvement on an already great kit!!
Here is what they have said - “Eduard wants to be fast with our photo-etched and mask sets. This kit will be covered by several PE sets, including coloured. One of coloured sets will be the cockpit interior shown here (without colour seat belts in a separate set). Do you like it? First PE for this B-25 1/32 collection will go on the market in August 2012. JanZ”
You can see it all and comment on their page here.

“Instrument dials will be detailed and colour. Note the engines control handles and rudder pedals”

 It seems Eduard have given us the escape hatch missing from the original kit as well
There has also been a big improvement in the detail of the seats which is most welcome.

I am sure Eduard will release a “Massive Ed” set for this soon enough with all details, masks etc. to help you become king of the show-offs at the modelling table!

For more on this keep your eyes peeled - well keep you posted on this popular subject!