Thursday, June 14

What’s the hold-up? - J’s work and their “Modern City Checkpoint” is the answer!

 J’s work have announced show us already the pictures of their second plastic kit – the Modern City “Check Point” – and now we have some more info – including sprue shots and the built and painted kits – they look a treat –  let’s have a gander!

 J’s Work is going to launch their 2nd plastic model kit - this time of a modern traffic road block – perfect for a Middle East checkpoint diorama we think - (The product is scheduled for release end of June).  The kit includes…

- Traffic Cones x 7pcs – the normal cones you see on the road – I like them striped! It adds some colour

- Iron Fences x 2pcs - the second layer of defence – shepherding the pedestrians in and out.

 - Street Light x 1pc – For the locals to stand under? It is nice to have a modern street light to add to the scene – I have heaps of WWII era but no modern lights.
- Water Barriers x 3pcs – These are massive plastic structures filled with water and sometimes sand – you can see how well they can be weathered here in this picture
- Concrete Barriers x 1 set – If they get through this… four pieces of guiding concrete should get people funnelled in the right direction!
The sprue shots….

What I like about this set already is the fact you can mix and match – you can have a small or a large checkpoint it is up to you – I thin lots of modellers will have fun with this kit!
 If you want more info or to see more of J’Work products then take a mosey over to their website