Saturday, June 2

Eduard 1/48th scale PSP Marsden Matting review

 “Gentlemen, we want you to build a good portable airport. It must be strong, light, simple, fool proof, safe and inexpensive. It must be so simple that it can be laid on any fairly level piece of land with a few days’ work. It must be so fool-proof that if some parts are lost, it will still be useful. It must be safe for any type of airplane, under any weather conditions. It must be so light that it can be transported swiftly and easily to any spot.” This was the edict given to the American steel manufacturers by the US Army Air Corps before the Second World War - well Eduard have risen to the challenge and made just what the army was after - in coloured plastic in 1/48th  scale - let’s have a look…
Kit No: 8820
Kit Type: Plastic pre-painted
Scale: 1/48
Available from: Eduard Store direct & all good hobby shops
 Eduard has just released their new 1/48th Plastic version of PSP (Pierced Steel Planking) or “Marsden Matting” in a pre coloured model stand. This modular plastic mat comes ready to go – we thought it would be a quick and easy fix for a lot of modellers and worth a quick look.
The kit is a white plastic solid rectangle base which is 1cm deep by twenty-three and a half centimetres long by sixteen and half centimetres wide. The hard plastic is painted on the “show” side with the PSP planks coloured in a scattered and random rust, steel and grey mottle of colours, kind of the irregular pattern you may see on a real part of random runway or park way.
The PSP surface is rendered here very well and is shown as a flat piece of runway – there are no terminations in the edges or grassy bits on the side like a few I have – this is good because you can always add that yourself if you want – I always need to join these together myself any way – I suspect I am not alone – that is another good point of this mat.
The thing that a lot of modellers want is size – bigger planes and more in depth dioramas – well, the good thing about these is that looking at them I can see they can be placed together and joined up to make a continuous stretch – you could have them end to end making a feature “strip” if you want to. The solid plastic base is certainly as had as anyone will need.
A cheap – no mess no fuss way of displaying your 1/48th aircraft (from WWII to Vietnam and onwards) that looks very nice and professional – if you wanted to use just this with no frame you can easily paint the square plastic edges. The subtle holes in the PSP are just right – what's not to like?

I think this is a great idea – easy to use and inexpensive – about time someone did it - well done Eduard

 Adam Norenberg

Thanks to Eduard for this base set – as soon as I get an allied 1/48th kit back from my work bench this is where it will sit.