Monday, June 4

Fantastic plastic's june news pretty much shows us just that

Fantastic Plastic always have great new about new space, sci-fi and experimental aircraft in model kit form, the subjects are always interesting and out there – June’s products and news sounds just like they are just up that our "out there" street – let’s have a look…
The long-awaited 2001 Space Station V (SSV) kit is all but ready to ship. I have castings in hand and am about a week away from completing the prototype model. I will then shoot photos, complete the box art and instructions, and then begin offering the kit for sale.

I will first offer the kit via email to those of you who have reserved the model. There are more than 90 people on the waiting list, and several of you have indicated you will want multiple copies. So it may take me some time to work through the entire list.
Once all the reserved kits have been spoken for, I will put the SSV in the Virtual Museum Store for general sale.
Again, the SSV kit sells for $125.00 plus shipping. It includes a large sheet of PhotoEtched stainless steel parts, which account for a good fraction of the kit's total cost.
There's still time to get on the reservations list. Just email me at

The super-detailed 1:48 X-37B orbiter remains on track for release at the end of next month. Produced for us by BLAP! Models, the kit includes landing gear, a cargo bay and accurately engraved heat shield tiles. Decals for the operational orbiter will also be included.
The kit will sell for $95.00 plus shipping. To reserve your copy, email me at

July will also feature a double-header with the release of two exciting kits drawn from the movies: The Hydra Flying Wing from last year's "Captain America" in 1:288 scale and the 1:144 Gunstar from the 1984 first-generation CGI classic "The Last Starfighter."
Even in 1:288 the Hydra Flying Wing has a wingspan of nearly two feet. The 44-piece kit was mastered by Alfred Wong, cast by Mana Studios and features decals by JBOT.  The kit is priced at $105.00 plus shipping.
Our Gunstar is a 1:144 version of the 1:72 kit produced by BLAP! Models for Blue Moon. It will have landing gear and, yes, a detailed "Death Blossom" weapon. No price has been set, but we're hoping to bring it in around $100-$120.
Email me at to reserve a copy of either/both kit(s).

Okay, German flying saucer fans. (And you know who you are!) Here's a brand new, freshly mastered 1:72 kit of the BMW Flugelrad II v.1 reportedly flown at Prag-Kbley in Czechoslovakia in 1945. The 36-piece kit features landing gear and a clear vac canopy.  The Flugelrad II sells for just $40 plus shipping. I only have a few copies in stock; if you want one, you can order it here.
UNICRAFT 1-Offs - Occasionally, a customer special orders a Unicraft kit from me and then, when the kit arrives, no longer wants to buy it. I currently have a half-dozen of these "one-offs" that I'm offering for sale below the Unicraft catalogue price. All are 1:72 scale. They are:

AVRO 606A - $30.00 (Retail $35.00)

AVRO 606B - $30.00 (Retail $35.00)

BISNOVAT "SAMOLYOT 5-2"  - $20.00 (Retail $25.00)

CESSNA CH-1/YH41 "SENECA" - $30.00 (Retail $35.00)

HILLER YH-32 "Hornet" - $20.00 (Retail $25.00)

KUGISHO OHKA 43 OTSU - $20.00 (Retail $25.00)

SIKORSKY R-5 - $30.00 (Retail $35.00)

These kits will be sold first-come, first-served.  Contact me at if you want one or more of these kits.

I'm down to my last two copies of the 1:288 Project OrionBattleship When these sell, the kit will be retired to the Hall of Fame. If you've been waiting to buy one, this is your last chance. Click the box art for more details.


I currently have the following kits available for "private sale."  These are one-to-one transactions not offered to general customers.
I currently have the following kits available for "private sale."  These are one-to-one transactions not offered to general customers.

1:72 Arrowhead Wing - 1 Available - $45 plus shipping.

1:72 Blade-Wing - 5 Available - $80.00 plus shipping

1:288 Naboo Royal Yacht - 5 Avaialble - $55 plus shipping

1:3700 Moonsoon Gunboat - 2 Available - $30.00 plus shipping

Email me at to order any of these "private sale" model kits.

Finally, thank you to everyone who has expressed good wishes concerned my recent arm injury. I visited my orthopaedist yesterday. The X-rays were good, I have 85% range of motion and he expects all restrictions to be lifted within three weeks.

Could have been worse.

Until next month...

 - Allen B. Ury