Saturday, July 28

Constructed, engine, sprue shots & markings of the new KittyHawk F-35B in 1/48th scale

 Still more details on the F-35B in 1/48th from Kitty Hawk  have arrived – this time pictures of the final construction result minus paint and the engine fan being and bomb bays in place - These adding to the pictures of what comes in the box and the decal and markings to give you a feel for the aircraft you will be getting..

 The lift fan and engine is on display here in the initial construction phase - it gives you a good idea of the model you will be making...

The surface detail of the F-35B kit is here to see, and it looks like you will not have any problem with the demarcation of all of the panels as the details are moulded in for you.

The under surfaces of the wing and horizontal stabilizer sprue shows some promise with riveted details and positional flying surfaces, as well as some nice looking landing gear.
The top of the wing and tail surfaces -  showing again positional flying surfaces with some riveted detail. The nose landing gear and wheels are on this sprue as well with the langing gear doors.
The engine sprue shows the Pratt & Whitney F135-PW-600 engine with lift fan. The engine looks pretty basic and we will see just how much of it can be seen in the finished kit, but it looks here to be all structurally there. The good thing is that the engine and lift fan IS present and you can choose to detail it up to your tastes or just to simply cover it all up in flying configuration. (or maybe both with this bird in a hover)
 The decal choices are displayed in this shot - we have gone right into these choices in this article below so scroll down to see more on that. It is good to have both experimental and operational birds to choose from.
 Last of all the lovely box art - again scroll down to see the inspiration no doubtedly for this shot. This shows off the F-35B doing what it was born to do - a horizontal landing or take off - Nice to see good artwork on this kit.
The kit is now available at many hobby outlets - I know that Pacific Coast models has it in the US and that Models for Sale has it in great Britain.  The kit is retailing for $59.95 US.

Instruction sheets and the box art show the early testing F-35 approaching the deck - it is great art work and it really look a lot like this excellent shot from carrier trials last year. Work out which one is the real shot!
Which one is the real bird? nice artwork..
The markings are further shown through this decal placement sheet showing all of the particulars of the aircraft's markings. - we have pictures further on in the article of the exact aircraft in these decals

Previously we showed you these pictures of the moulds that the plastic is injected into to make your kit - great insight into how the model will turn out can be seen from the places the plastic is injected into and the moulds themselves
Also some shots of the decals showing all of the countries that have "Signed on" to the J.S.F. on the sheets as well as the regular kit markings - great stuff!
We also have some CAD drawings here to show you some of the features of the aircraft – it looks like the internals will be a part of what is on offer which is good news!
Also three aircraft profiles showing colours for each – here are the schemes from the boxing plus these aircraft in real life – just to get you ready to go…

 Option 1: F-35B Lightning II short take-off/vertical landing (STOVL) demonstrator BF-1
 And how this aircraft looked in real life in this the first well known scheme

Option 2: F-35B USMC (BF-04)
 then the real aircraft already in service on USS Wasp

Option 03: F-35B VMFAT-501
 The same aircraft (01) in real life..
This is the "Jump Jet" version which the Americans will use with the Navy and the USMC so there will be lots more versions to make when it finally enters service.Pacific Coast Models will stock the kit (Pre-orders now being taken US$59.95) in the US along of course with your local hobby store

..Apart from these pictures the explicit details of the kit are yet to be announced but we will tell you more as soon as the details arrive we can promise that!