Saturday, July 28

Need some help with close up work but feeling old in the eyes?? Let Shesto cast some light on the subject.

When – like me – you are getting a bit long in the false teeth and the eyes aren’t working so well you have a few choices – get some thick glasses, or an optivisor or one of these – Shesto's Long Reach Magnifier Lamp Daylight LED. Let’s “look closer”

This lamp is a flexible energy efficient LED daylight lamp with glass lens that comes on the end of a long reach extending arm. This simply clamps to the side of your work desk to help you with your close up or small detail model work (or even to read the instructions in some cases)

The right angle simply folds the lamp away at the end of the job to sit poised for next time you need to use it. A lamp like this I think is a real investment – in your eyes and your patience!

The fact that the lamp uses small LED’s means for a cooler modelling room as well as the natural light which helps you get just the right shade of colour in your work                    

You can bring work up close and personal with the removable 125mm (5”), 3-dioptre (1.75x magnification) glass lens.  And magnify even smaller details with the optional LC8060L 5-dioptre (2.25x magnification) replacement lens.  So swapping is swift and simple!

The “long reach” 1.35m (53”) adjustable, articulated arm puts light and magnification where you need it.  A sturdy screw clamp also solidly secures the LC8060 LED to a wide variety of work platforms to 65mm thick

This lamp features:
90 white LED bulbs, only 8w in total
Energy efficient
Bulbs never need replacing
Shadow free, cool light
Quality 125mm (5”) removable lens
3 dioptre (1.75x magnification)
Can easily be replaced with 5 dioptre (2.25x mag.) lens LC8060/L (not included – but available as an accessory)
Built-in handle & Sun protector cap
Includes table clamp with up to 65mm clamping capacity
You can get these at Shesto outlets worldwide - your eyes will thank you!