Friday, July 6

MiniArt let their top down exposing some new summer colour

MiniArt has sent out new details, sprue shots and CAD images of their new (Mercedes) Type 170V Cabrio Saloon and now have sent pictures of two of these excellently detailed little cars – check out the details like the number plates and headlamps! This kit is released very soon so check here to see all about it before it tears out of the injection moulding factory!

This car joins the sudden avalanche of new softskin WWII vehicles that have flooded the market recently. Being very similar to the MasterBox release of recent times this vehicle adds extra detail in the form of Photo Etch and a few extra details. There are five colours of which we have two here all painted up – check them out.

Firstly an allied captured vehicle..

Then a German staff car looking pretty beaten up

The colour schemes are here - it looks like one from every service with some decals to match!
Being a Cabriolet the two options of hood up or down are great - a life saver if you didn't like your job you did - but just as much if did like the results you want to show it all off! A lovely moulded hood down and luggage storage make the detail on this kit stand out
Braces help the vehicle in the model box from being squashed in the box
This view shows the separation in the roof and the graceful lines of the 170V which is VERY popular right now it seems
The sprues showing the layout and some more details

Lovely Grille PE detail can only make this a better release along with the fine windscreen wipers and Notek blackout light mount
With the top covering the focus is on the PE details of the bonnet closers and the car emblem
With the top down you can see the fine photo etched horn detail and rear view mirror

The bonnet and the doors open up to show you great engine detail and interior
Photo etch is used on the details of the suspension and the wheels have nicely detailed hubcaps
Sandwiched wheels - like em or love em better than rubber tyres!
Check out MiniArt's site for more of their releases