Wednesday, July 11

Mirror Models - A perfect reflection of the real thing

A new modelling company with impeccable breeding has come into the market. Libor the proprietor of LZ Models has engaged in starting a new modelling venture as a departure in kind from his amazing resin kits – this new company is called Mirror Models – and we like what we see in their first releases….
Mirror Models – “Perfectly scaled is perfectly mirrored” goes the catch cry from Libor’s new company – he has brought us some truly amazing kits in resin which like he has hinted at here are incredibly detailed and accurate. Now he turns his attention to this new business with injection moulded kits…
Mike Ebeling's amazing restored Canadian Otter Reconnaissance Car (photograph by Brian Gough)
While Mirror Model’s website is still new and under construction they can bring some details of their first release kits. Like LZ fare they are truly different and unusual subjects which modellers just love to have in their stash – something different to bring to the table so to speak. Ill hand you over to Libor now and he can explain a little more on their production run.
Cad images of the first releases look good already
“We are working hard to set up our website properly, and also bring you more details about our first plastic kits. C15TA Armoured carrier and C15A Chevy Truck are in production already, and soon we will add pictures of built vehicles and so on. Both these will be available in August 2012
Soon they will also add details on our website about our recent dealers and retailers.

If you are model hobby dealer or retailer, and interested in stocking our product line, please contact Mirror Models for more details