Saturday, August 18

Masterbox Charge into battle in September with three new diverse kits

The peeps from MasterBox have returned from summer break to give us all the news on three of their latest kits coming very soon to modelling shelves near us – Three kits as varied as they look to be well thought out – let’s have a closer look in this preview...
The three kits for August/ September this year start off with some charging lancers and their impressive steeds…

This kit contains 2 sprues that house includes 3 horses and 3 riders of the Army of the north from the period of the US Civil War.
The dramatic poses depicted here are quite striking – and make a difference from their other kit of a union soldier and his horse looking at tracks!
Sabres drawn, these three soldiers are charging either side of the flag bearer horse who is depicted as having his mount shout out from beneath him – as his horse has buckled at the knees and is just about to go over. This is a really dynamic set and is sure to win fans with more than just civil war enthusiasts.

 This kit contains five figures on one tan sprue – the figures depicted here are soviet tanker men.
These five later war tankers wear the typical black overalls of tank men and have the padded Russian tanker’s helmet typical of these troops. The commander is seen in his slightly different outfit with large flat sideboards and officer’s regalia picking him out separate from his fellow “comrades” Also the tank commander has the additional set of hands that allows giving him the various poses.
The mechanic/driver is intended for location inside of the tank model, sitting on the side of the vehicle – whilst you can see another figure can sit in his chair in the tank
Imaginatively titled – this set of one sprue contains many of the weapons that British infantry might have seen themselves using in the Second World War.
 The basis of this kit is the model of Vickers machinegun, but also included are four Lee Enfield rifles (2 with drawn bayonets), five sten guns of different types, a Webley revolver, a Lewis gun, and a Bren light MG, a PIAT anti-tank gun as well as another anti-tank rifle and six British “Tommy” style helmets.
These will add to the diorama with spare bits which litter battlefields and troop dispersal areas. A great idea for inclusion of a diorama anywhere you would find British weapons lying around.
All these kits – plus some great galleries of their completed kits and the distributors of these kits are all available at the MasterBox Website.