Sunday, August 19

RB Productions and Mike Good - what a team and what a figure they make!

Mike Good has sculpted a new 54mm (1/32) pilot for RB Productions – this Romanian pilot meets the high standards from Mike in the past we that have seen (Mölders for Alpine and The late WWII pilot for Ultracast) we will show you more and the inspiration for this pilot figure in our preview…
This is a 1/32 scale figure of a Romanian pilot in 1944/1945. This resin figure depicts a Romanian pilot wearing a Romanian uniform covered by a German-made sheepskin jacket. The german issue flight boots and the choice of two different headgear (flying helmet and officer's cap make for  a great alternative figure choice.
The figure is based on elements taken from this picture.
The figure is sculpted by Mike Good and is cast in resin.
The set also includes an alternative head wearing a pilot helmet.
If you are interested in Romanian aircraft and pilots Radu has a bunch of them at his Webshop – along with his other great projects – all top quality - Well done Radu!