Wednesday, August 15

MiniArt’s 3 new buildings – a small scale castle or a large scale outhouse?

MiniArt wants to know - Would you rather a castle for your workbench or a workshop in small scale? Dilemmas hey? Well we have just these two and an interesting new “pre coloured” kit from this Ukrainian company that keeps on coming with great ideas – click on to see more on three new buildings from them…

Kit 72019: CITY BUILDING - BOX: 345x240x60 mm

In something of a departure for MiniArt this kit is  a “multi Coloured” kit – meaning it either comes pre painted or it is moulded in a few different colours – not sure yet but well find out.
MiniArt has lots of other buildings in this scale to go along with this one but we can imagine if this is a success it may continue with this trend. curiouser and curiouser!
 This kit contains 185 parts and is in production now – more news on this one when it appears…
Kit 72004 MEDIEVAL FORTRESS - BOX: 380x280x60 mm

In 1/72 this small castle will still be pretty large when completed – indeed the pictures from the site showing the 156 parts of the kit completed make you want to roll up a whole army of 1/72 knights on horseback to the gates.

This kit is not coloured like the first kit we showed you -  and looks to me to be a fully injection moulded kit from MiniArt which will please many -  some love vac form for it’s ease of transportation weight and inexpensiveness – some loathe it – so this kit should please many by offering an alternative!

There is a really interesting insight into this kit in the full instructions that can be downloaded at this link from the MiniArt site - this kit is now currently available from MiniArt suppliers at the link below..

Kit 35557 “WORKSHOP” - BOX: 344x240x90 mm

This kit looks to be of the more usual fare from MiniArt - The kit itself will come with a mix of Vac form and injection moulded parts (140 in total) and you could imagine a nice little diorama with a tank crew working on their vehicle – or even a few vehicles waiting to be serviced.
The building has large double doors on the front which the vehicle enters – on second thought it may be slightly too small for a Tiger!! Still in production we will get one to build for you when it comes out.
These kits - and many more - are to be found on the MiniArt site