Tuesday, August 14

August Photo Etched kits of the month from Eduard up the anti for your kit making...

Right – you thought you had gone as far as you could didn’t you? You thought – “This is the best I can make it!” but I think maybe you should take a look at Eduard’s latest goodies in Photo Etched corrections and add-ons – they may change your mind -  Back to the drawing board!

Cactus 1/72
Two different cacti of various sizes in tiny 1/72 - I hope you have packed your optivisor! These coloured sets just need a bend to put into place!
The small succulents here are of two different types and come in various sizes to make your semi-arid or desert scene alive with SOME greenery

B-25J nose S.A. 1/32

The ammo boxes and seat in the Bombay are a simple addition to add to the list - but the whole floor, the bombardier’s gear and the cooling jackets for the MG’s really will up the quality of the finished article!

B-25 bomb bay 1/32
Originally this is quite a good Bombay – but to go the next step you NEED this set – Having seen both I think you will like the added quality this set will give you.

B-25J cockpit S.A. 1/32
An already cockpit gets the proper upgrade it deserves! These PE parts are even finer than the plastic parts and will make a show stopper out of your B-25 - The escape hatch which was missing from the original HK kit is there as well are new scale correct seats -  a massive improvement on what was already very good!

M-ATV MRAP exterior 1/35
This set gives you better scale thickness for parts like the rear stowage and exhaust - we see no reason why you couldn't use this on the Kinetic or the excellent Panda Hobby kit.

M-ATV MRAP interior 1/35

The internal details of the Kinetic and Panda MRAP were very sparse if there at all – the banks of radios and personal equipment are added here in this PE that looks great built up. Coloured PE really adds to the detail quickly and neatly.

M-ATV OGPK turret 1/35

OK this turret armour needs to be thick - but not as thick as it is on the kits!! This set makes the turret's armour more for a MRAP than an Abrams!!

German Z-43 (1944) 1/350
This set for the deck of the ship covers wave guards and the inserts for the life rafts amongst others - a great update for your Z-43

The surrounds for the AA guns and life rafts are filled in with this set as well as the depth charge runs and the long hand rails that go the length of the vessel - both this and the other set will top off your ship very nicely 

Il-2m3 S. A. 1/48

This excellent kit from Tamiya can only benefit from this easy to apply set of sticky PE - Straight on to the kit the cockpit improvements like new instrument panel and seatbelts re a great help right off the bat, while the wheel well and external detail seal the deal if you want to improve your kit more.

Il-2m3 landing flaps 1/48

The delicate innards of the flaps of the Sturmovik are recreated here in thin brass – the time you spend on these will certainly pay off!
These sets and many many more kits, add-ons and new items are on Eduard’s site right now – The extra pics on the site and scope of work there you can emulate are well worth a look!